Mop Bucket Instruction Sheet

Mop Bucket Instruction Sheet
Mop Bucket Instruction Sheet
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1 - Mop Bucket with Spinner
2 - Microfiber Yarn Mop Heads
1 - 3 Section Steel Handle with Protective Covers
This new and modern concept is not only time and energy saving, but is super absorbent as well. The mop
heads are constructed with 100% Polyester Microfiber special intersecting strands that can be used wet or dry.
The heads are designed to be easily attached and removed from the handle without your hands ever having to
touch the dirty mop head. The heads wring out easily by just placing the mop head in the bucket spinner and
pumping the lever on the outside of the bucket with your foot. You can adjust the amount of wetness or
dryness you require by either pumping the lever more or less. Use on any hard surface flooring with clear water
or with your favorite cleaner without the fear of scratching the surface. Mop head measures 14” in diameter.
Overall length of mop handle is 46 3/4” and comes with 2 plastic protective covers that fit over the threaded
sections of the handle to add support to the handle and help prevent the handle from loosening in use. This kit
comes complete with spinner bucket, 2 mop heads and 1 – 3 section handle with protective covers.
Made in Taiwan.
Helpful Hints:
1. Make sure to read the entire instructions prior to the first use.
2. Do not fill the bucket any higher than the level marked in the inside of the bucket to avoid the water
splashing when wringing the mop head.
3. To keep the foot pump working easily, routinely spray the white plastic spiral drive mechanism with an oil
lubricant which can be purchased at your local convenience or hardware store.
Operation Hints:
1. When wringing out the mop head, initially step on the foot pump slowly and then increase speed to wring
out to desired dryness.
2. When placing the round mop disk head in the spinner, keep the handle in a straight upward position,
push down slightly, and hold the steel handle only with enough pressure to allow the handle to spin freely
in your hand.
3. Make sure all the strands of the mop head are in the spinner prior to spinning the mop head to prevent
the water from spraying back onto the floor.
4. Do not wash the foot pump mechanism with water or cleaning liquid to avoid oxidation or interference
with the performance of the mechanism.
Laundry Instructions:
1. Remove head from handle
2. Hand wash in warm water using a mild detergent
3. Do not use bleach
4. Do not use fabric softener or softener sheets
5. Allow to air dry
Assembly Instructions:
1. Remove the handle sections from the carton. The plastic protective covers are loose on the handle
sections. Simply leave them in place and thread the sections together making sure that you have
tightened the threads until the protective cover meets the marking on the handle section.
2. Attach the handle to the mop head making sure to align the plastic tabs on the sides of the handle plate
with the indentions in the mop frame.
3. Fill bucket with water only to the level indicated in the inside of the bucket.
4. Wet mop head.
5. Place the mop head in the bucket spinner making sure all mop yarn strands are in the spinner.
6. Hold the handle in a straight upright position, gripping the handle gently to allow the handle to spin in
your hand when the mop head is being spun dry.
7. Place you foot on the foot pump and begin to pump slowly and then gradually increase speed to wring
out mop head to the desired dryness. Do not touch the spinner (inside the bucket) while it is spinning.
8. To change the mop, stand the mop and handle upright on the floor. Hold the handle with one hand while
using one foot to step on the black plastic mop frame. Pull steel handle in an upward motion. Do not step
on he white plastic connector of the handle to avoid breakage.
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If you have any questions regarding this item, call The Fuller Brush Company at 800-835-2773.
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