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annual report 2012 vision and strategy innovation
A year of
product launches
2012 was a year with extensive product launches across all ­markets.
Below is a selection of the products launched.
Zanussi Quadro Range
(Europe, Middle East and Africa)
Clean lines and easy to use are
the hallmarks of the new full builtin range, Zanussi Quadro, which
is for users looking for flexibility
and low maintenance.
Electrolux Precision
Brushroll Clean Upright
(North America)
Electrolux Precision Brushroll
Clean is a lightweight vacuum
cleaner with cyclonic technology.
The Brushroll Clean Technology
helps remove hair from the brush­
roll with the touch of a button.
Electrolux Grand Cuisine
Electrolux Ultra Power
Vacuum Cleaner
Electrolux Ecologic 12 kg
top-load washing machine
(Europe, Middle East and Africa)
(Latin America)
The Electrolux Grand Cuisine
cooking system puts the tools of
the professional restaurant
within reach of the home chef.
Read more on page 46.
Ultra Power is the most powerful
vacuum cleaner in the Electrolux
cordless range. Its unique combination of high performance
and very long run time, makes it
great for both quicker cleaning
jobs and longer, tougher ones.
This washing machine has a
capacity of 12 kg and is the most
water-efficient and economic
washing machine in the market.
Electrolux Professional
Ecostore Refrigerators
Westinghouse Vulcan
Electrolux UltraMix Pro
Stick Mixer
Electrolux Professional Ecostore
refrigerators are energy-efficient
and robust and provide 50 liters
more space than equivalent
cabinets. Electrolux created
­Eco­s tore in response to
customer feedback.
The Vulcan cooker is made with
market-leading features and
statement design, including
large oven capacity, twin fans,
full touch controls and new
generation cool door.
For UltraMix Pro, Electrolux has
taken the best features of the
professional stick mixer to bring
this knowledge to consumers’
Design Lab
Design awards
In 2012, Electrolux products received several design awards
for combining cutting-edge design with functionality.
Electrolux Design Lab is an annual
global design competition open
to design students worldwide. The theme for 2012
was "Design Experience".
Aeroball by Jan Ankiersztajn
from Poland was awarded
first prize for his concept Aeroball
in 2012. Aeroball is a collection of
luminescent, hovering balls that can
filter and fragrance the air in a room.
Electrolux ­Inspiration Range
(Europe, Middle East and Africa)
The new Electrolux Inspiration Range is a full offering in all categories.
It carries a modern, premium and differentiated design, combined with
features derived from Electrolux professional heritage and capabilities.
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