Page 1 Page 2 Features Pentax 24 Series UCF (Uni

Page 1 Page 2 Features Pentax 24 Series UCF (Uni
 Features ;
Pentax 24 Series UCF {Uni-barrel Center Focusing) binoculars,
designed by many years of experience in this line, are unsur-
passed by any standard of comparison, The optics that utilize
high refractive index glass prisms and highly advanced muliti-
layer coatings give you sharp and bright images even to the
corners of the field of view.
The unique linked double axis configuration of this series helps
adjust eye width or interocular distance easily and comfortably.
The 24 Series UCFs are very compact, easy to handle for their
straightforward and smooth but well contoured external con-
figurations lines with anti-shock rubber coverings, and pleasant
to take with you anywhere, anytime.
8X24 UCF 10X24 UCF
Type Po Ba A
Magnification 8X 10X
Eee 24 mm 24 mm
Real Field of View 7.5 6.0”
Field of View at 1000 m 131 m 105 m
Field of View at 1000 yards 393 ft. 315 ft.
Exit Pupil Aperture 3.0 mm 2.4 mm
Relative Brightness 9.0 5.8
Focusing Range
4 m to infinity
13.1 ft to infinity
4 m to infinity
13.1 ft to infinity
Eye Width (Ocular Distance) 59 to 71 mm 59 to 71 mm
Adjustable Range 2.3 to 2.8 in. 2.3 to 2.8 in.
Height & Width 96 x101 mm 86 x 101 mm
3.8 X 4.0 in, 3.8 X 4.0 in.
; 49 mm 49 mm
Thickness 19 in. 1.9 in.
. 280 g 280 9
Weight 9.9 az. 9.9 oz.
Accessories Eyepiece lens cap, Case, Strap
Names of Parts
Align circle of the di-
opter adjusting ring with
triangle of the right
barrel for zero diopter
| position (normal eye-
sight position).
Qcular Lens —
Eyecup _
Strap Lug
Diopter Adjusting Ring
Central Focusing Wheel
Right Barrel
Left Barrel
Central Barrel
Objective Lens
How to Use
1. Softly place your eyes on the
eya-piace ring, and see the
vision. Adjust the aye width of
the binocular to your eyes by
folding or expanding the left
and right barrels so that you
can see both the left and right
fields of view exactly in a
While looking through the left
ocular lens with the left eve
only, turn the central focusing
wheel to focus on the object
. While looking through the
right ocular lens with the right
eye, turn the diopter adjusting
ring until the same object comes
into sharp focus.
If you have changed the object
to see, focus by just turning
the central focusing wheel to
the left or right.
If you are wearing glasses,
fold the evecup rings outside.
Handling Precautions
When storing the binoculars, take them out of the case and
put them in a well-ventilated place. A desiccator box may be
useful for the purpose.
Occasionally remove dust on the lenses with a blower or a
lens brush, and if necessary, wipe dirt off with a piece of
clean soft cotton cloth ar lens cleaning paper using iens cleaning
When water is splashed on the binoculars, dry them with
clean cotton cloth thoroughly. Remember, the binoculars are
not water-resistant.
_ Avoid high temperatures (over 60°C). Do not leave the
binoculars in a car under the scorching sun, nor put them
close to a heating device; otherwise a deformation may result.
Never attempt to look into the sun with binoculars, or your
ayes will be severely hurt.
Do not apply undue force to the binoculars when adjusting the
eye width or when turning the diopter adjusting ring and/or
the focusing wheel.
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