Tutan Loot `em
Tutan Loot ‘em
48 cards (4 x 12 images)
To be the player with the most cards in their pile at the end
of the game.
To play
• Each player is dealt four cards which they hold in their
• A row of four cards is placed face up in the centre of the
• The rest of the cards are put to one side: this is the ‘deal’
• The youngest player begins by looking to see whether
they have a card in their hand with the same picture as
one of the four cards in the centre of the table.
• If so, they ‘steal’ this centre card and put it face up in front
of them with their matching card. This is their pile.
• If there are more than one matching cards in the centre,
then the player takes them all and places them with their
own, on their pile.
• If a player has no cards matching the centre cards, then
they put one of their cards from their hand face up in the
centre with the other cards.
• Play continues clockwise around the table.
• If a player has a card which is the same as the top card in
someone else’s pile, then they can steal that player’s pile,
placing their card on top of it and adding them to their
own pile!
• When everyone has played all four of their cards, they are
dealt four new ones and the game continues.
• The game stops when all the cards have been dealt and
played (there may be some cards left in the centre).
The winner
The winner is the player with the most cards in their
bundle, when all the cards have been dealt and played.
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Not suitable for children under 36 months due to
potential small parts.
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