EX570 - Key Features and Benefits

EX570 - Key Features and Benefits
Affordable Business Control - HOSPITALITY
The EX570 cash register offers many of the advantages
normally only found on advanced EPOS systems.
Available with a flat or raised keyboard the EX570 is
suitable for hospitality and can be used in bars, café’s,
bakeries and quick service outlets.
Connecting these machines together allows you to form
a simple EPOS system, which can be further enhanced
with links to Uniwell’s back office management software
such as EPOS Office to provide back of house sales analysis,
POS management, stock control and ordering. The EX570
comes with a numeric pop up customer display, twin thermal
printer for receipt and journal, cash drawer and multi-line
operator LCD display.
Quick Service
EX570 - Key Features and Benefits
Key Features
Bright multi-line operator display
Raised or flat keyboard
Twin thermal printers - receipt and journal
Easy drop in paper load
Fast, quiet printing
IRC network ready
PC ready
Hospitality software
Customer display
Operator interrupt system
Customer file
On or off drawer installation
Key Benefits
Individual operator performance
Table management system
PLU / group sales per clerk
Fast and accurate operation
Choice of back office software
Versatile for all markets and applications
Secure Dallas button log-on option
User friendly PLU programming
Feature rich
System Integration
Bar Code Scanner
Kitchen Printer
Slip Printer
EPOS Sales Back Office Software
EPOS Office Back Office Software
Quick Service
EX570 Specification
EX570 - Benefits:
Software 03 type: Hospitality
Cash Control: At the end of each shift the
financial report clearly identifies the value
of money that should have been taken
by each method of payment - this is
used to reconcile against the actual cash
in drawer.
Table Management System: Allows
each separate transaction to be stored
temporarily and picked up for additional
orders to be added. Split Bill function
expedites table operations.
Sales Analysis: The EX570 allows you to
monitor your sales mix, products can be
linked to 10 main groups (Wet, Dry etc)
and 64 sub groups (Bottle Beer, Draught
Beer, Spirits etc). In addition products
can be linked to a further 25 groups
which could be used to track product
sales by supplier.
Clerk Interrupt System: Allows different
operators to concurrently register sales
transactions on the same ECR. Each
operator’s registrations are stored under
that particular operator so when they
log on again they are able to resume
their transaction.
Operator Analysis: Individual operator
performance (up to 32) can be
monitored allowing you to keep an eye
on the most productive staff and those
making the most "mistakes". Up to 4
commission rates can be used providing
managers with a way of giving incentives
to operators.
Customer File: With an optional memory
board, up to 1024 customers’ telephone
number, VAT number, name and address
can be recorded. Very convenient when
issuing bills, especially for delivery
service and frequent customers who
require the bill with their name and VAT
number printed.
PLU / Group Sales per Clerk: Easy to
find which operator sold a pre selected list
of 20 products the most. With this feature,
each clerk is motivated to sell more of
those products.
Look Up PLUs: A range of categorized
PLUs can be displayed as - an on screen
list for selection by a “Look Up PLU” key.
Flat keyboard
Raised keyboard
2 sheet thermal printer
Software- Specification
Standard 780 PLUs, Max. 34000 (option)
14 digit random PLU code
98 group-As with stock control, 25
group-Bs and 10 main group-As
40 Look Up PLU keys (option)
Clerk interrupt system including
IRC floating clerk
Clerk time & attendance - 3780
records (option)
Clerk report with specified 20 PLUs
Clerk iButton (option)
1024 customer files
Simple condiment PLU
Euro currency system
Tray subtotal tendering
Ticketing function
Connect up to 32 cash registers –
IRC network
Floating clerk, Floating track
8 Kitchen printers
64 clerks with its own full
transaction memory
25 media keys & 10 preset tender keys
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Hardware Specification
Printer - 58 mm 2 sheet thermal printer,
36 columns / line, 21 lines / sec
Keyboard - Stroke: 81 key positions
including optional 5 keys. Flat: 130
key positions
Operator Display - 21 columns x8 lines
with white or blue background.
View angle: 15 degree adjustable
Customer Display - 12 digits
numeric x1 line
Interface - Standard: 1x RS485 &
1x RS232C. Optional: 2x RS232C
High quality drawer
Power Consumption - 500 mA
Weight - 13.5 kg
Dimensions 405 (W) x 423 (D) x 297 (H) with drawer
370 (W) x 415 (D) x 196 (H) without drawer
To find out more
For more information on the EX570
and the full range of Uniwell products
please visit: www.uniwell.co.uk
To find details of your nearest Uniwell
reseller, please contact us using the
following details:
Uniwell Systems (UK) Ltd
Uniwell Building
Greenbank Technology Park
Challenge Way
Blackburn, Lancashire BB1 5US
T: 0845 602 4347
E: [email protected]
About Uniwell
Uniwell Systems (UK) Ltd is a leading
value added distributor of EPOS hardware,
software and peripherals.
We have been supplying EPOS systems
to the hospitality and retail markets for
over 20 years and are part of the Uniwell
Corporation global distribution network.
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