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Rely∙a∙Bond - Reliance Orthodontic Products
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INDICATIONS FOR USE: Rely•a•Bond® is intended for use in bonding metal, composite
and ceramic orthodontic brackets.
PROPHYLAXIS: Using a rotary instrument with a rubber cup or brush, prophy the
enamel surfaces to be bonded with 1st & Final® or plain pumice. Rinse thoroughly
and dry teeth with oil and moisture- free compressed air.
ETCH: With a cotton pledget or brush, dab the etching agent onto the entire area to
be bonded. Do not rub the etching agent on the enamel. Allow 30 seconds for etching
(60 for deciduous teeth). Avoid placing etching agent on soft tissue.
RINSE & DRY: Rinse each tooth with copious amounts of water for 10 seconds (20
seconds with gel etch) to stop the etching process and remove demineralized
BRACKET ADAPTION: The bracket to be bonded with Rely•a•Bond® should have a base
that fits flush to the tooth surface. Using a pliers, adapt any bases that do not conform.
BONDING PROCEDURE: Apply a thin coat of primer to each etched and dried tooth in
the area which the bracket is to be bonded, and the underside of each bracket base. With a
spatula, apply a small quantity of adhesive paste to the underside of the bracket base and
place on tooth. Within 25 seconds, position the bracket to desired angulation and press
firmly. Excess adhesive can be easily removed from the periphery of the bracket base after
all of the brackets are in place. An active archwire can be inserted 5 minutes after bracket
BRACKET REMOVAL: Using a bracket removal pliers or pin and ligature cutter, engage
the bracket at the enamel/adhesive interface shearing the bracket and adhesive pad from the
tooth. Remaining adhesive can be removed with a scaler or a Reliance Renew® Finishing
System Bur. Final polishing can be performed with a Renew® Finishing System #383 Point.
BONDING TO AN ARTIFICIAL SUBSTRATE: Refer to Assure® Universal Bonding
Resin or Assure® Plus Bonding Resin instructions.
IMPORTANT: A No Mix System is not recommended for bonding lingual retainers without
bonding pads.
Special Safety Note: Brush applicators and mixing pads are single use devices. It is
required that a new brush applicator and mixing pad sheet are used for each patient. Spatulas
and mixing wells can be autoclaved.
PRECAUTIONS: Unpolymerized resins may cause skin sensation in susceptible
persons. In case of contact with skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water. If
accidentally instilled into eye, flush with copious amounts of water and seek medical
attention immediately. Contact with other tissues: rinse spill area immediately with
copious amounts of water for several minutes.
TEMPERATURE LIMITATION: Store at room temperature (15-30 Degrees C).
Protect from excessive heat.
CONTENTS OF KIT: 14g Adhesive Paste (jar, syringe tips or push syringes), 16g Primer,
liquid etchant, mixing pad, spatulas and brushes.
Kits: REF# RPF-Rely•a•Bond® Kit in Push Syringes W/FL, REF # RTF-Rely•a•Bond® Kit in
Tips W/FL, REF # RJF-Rely•a•Bond® Kit in Jar W/FL
Components: REF # 1RPP 3.5g Rely•a•Bond® Paste in Push Syringe, REF # RPT-14g
Rely•a•Bond® Paste in Tips, REF f# RPJ-14g Rely•a•Bond® Paste in Jars, REF # RPRFRely•a•Bond® Primer W/FL
REF# 1RPPT – Rely A Bond Thin Paste in Push
WARRANTY: Reliance Orthodontic Products, Inc. recognizes its responsibility to replace
products if proven to be defective. Reliance Orthodontic Products, Inc. does not accept
liability for any damages or loss, direct or consequential, stemming from the use of or
inability to use the products as described. Before using, it is the responsibility of the user to
determine the suitability of the product for its intended use. The user assumes all risk and
liability in connections therewith.
Rx Only: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a dental
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