This sheet contains two types of instructions: the

This sheet contains two types of instructions: the
Kendama Game & Challenge
General Instructions:
This sheet contains two types of instructions: the KYU Game and the Certification details.
Game Intruction
You can play with dices, OR, use the “trick of the 5 fingers” if 2 or more players. Only shake your hands and on the
count of three the two players indicate a value of 1 to 5 with their fingers. Fist = 0. The total (eg. 2 + 3) = 5, and 5
will be the figure to be played. Simple and fun!
 This game can be played alone, one to one or in teams.
 There are two game levels
o Level 1: Game of the Figures in column 1x on your certificate
o Level 2: KYU Game (KYU arrangements must be made in full, all 3 figures)
 Regulations:
o The goal is to give a challenge to both players (or teams) for them to realize the figure in a
maximum of 3 attempts. One player at a time: you look at the other player’s attempts. If they
both succeed or fail, no points. If only one out of two is successful, one point is awarded. The first
who reaches 3 points (or the word KYU one letter at a time) is the winner.
 Variation for team play:
o Appoint a 'King' team member (usually the one with the highest ranking).
o If a member in the team fails his three attempts, the King has the right to save the player by
making the figure that was unsuccessful. (1 try only)
o One team at a time, we look and count the attempts of the other team playing.
PRO K YU Certifications
There are 10 KYU levels, 10 being the easiest, and 10 DAN levels, 1 being the easiest. (The best in the
world currently has 6 DANs ).
Each time you level you have to start at KYU #10. (Example: If I pass the KYU #7, I have to do KYU #10,
then 9, 8 and 7 for my KYU #7)
When you have passed the first 5 KYU Grades (confirmed by another person for each grade), you can sew
your badge on your banner KYU 10-6 (left ear side in front). Send us an email at [email protected]
to have your name listed on the website. To obtain the other KYU badges, get them at before you ask for a new classification on
Who will be the first Level 1 KYU and the first DAN in CANADA?
See for more details
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