The Tower - Endless Games

The Tower - Endless Games
1. Observe the color order of the Balls in
2. Each Players stacks his Cubes in the same
color order as the Balls in The TOWER.
It’s a race! Simultaneous play!
•1 TOWER containing 8 different colored balls
•16 CUBES – 2 Sets of 8 (1 white set, 1 gray set)
• Instructions
Stack your Cubes in the same color order as
the balls in The TOWER!
The first Player to stack his/her Cubes in
the correct order wins the Round!
The first Player to win 3 Rounds
wins the game!
• Each Player takes a set of 8 Cubes. Note the
cubes are in 2 sets – one white, one gray - so
make sure each player has the same color
cubes in his/her set of 8.
• Place the Cubes with the silly face-side-up.
• Place The TOWER in the center of the
playing area.
• One of the Players turns The TOWER upside
down and shakes it.
• Turn The TOWER right-side up. As soon as all
8 Balls are in The TOWER, play begins. GO!
3. The first Player to stack his Cubes in the
same color order as the Balls in The TOWER
wins the round! This might sound easy, but
chances are you will NOT be able to match
the pattern correctly right away and will
have to reconfigure your stack of cubes to
get the color pattern correct!
4. The first Player to win 3 rounds
wins the game!
NOTE: Place each Cube so the color is facing
out (not up). The colors on the cubes are
back-to-back, so your stack should face
Watch out! You might stack your cubes
and find you need a color that isn’t
available. If this happens, try changing
the order of your Cubes!
©2014 Brad Ross and Don Ullman
All Rights Reserved The Tower™ is a
Registered Trademark of Endless Games, Inc.
Made in China
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