Eat Well Drink Well Clean Well Play Well Stay Well

Eat Well Drink Well Clean Well Play Well Stay Well
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Stay Well
Have regular check-ups don't wait for a problem
# Check-ups are especially
important if you are pregnant
(or planning a pregnancy) as
severe gum disease increases
the risk of giving birth to
preterm and low birth-weight
Don't smoke - it can cause
gum disease, tooth loss and
cancer of the mouth. Talk to a
health professional or call the
Quitline 131 848 for help with
giving up smoking
Play Well
Keep your own teeth and gums
clean and healthy. Germs from
your mouth can pass over to
your baby's mouth on dummies,
bottles and spoons
ʁ Wear a professionally fitted
You still need a dental check -
‫ ڀ‬Wear a full-faced helmet or
up if you have dentures
You MUST tell your dentist
(i) if you have a serious
medical condition, and (ii) what
medications you take
ٍProtect your face, skin and
lips from too much sun by
wearing a hat and t-shirt, and
putting on sunscreen and lip
NSW Messages
for a Healthy Mouth
mouthguard when you are
playing and training for any
sport where there is a risk of
mouth injury
face guard if you are playing
sports such as cricket
Further copies can be downloaded from the
NSW Health website:
Better Health Centre — Publications Warehouse:
02 9816 0452
September 2007
SHPN: (COHS) 061002
Eat Well
Drink Well
Clean Well
Play Well
Stay Well
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Eat Well
Drink Well
Enjoy a wide variety of
nutritious foods
Drink tap water - it's the best
drink! - especially before and
after physical activity
meals (like cheese, vegetable
sticks, fresh fruit, yoghurt,
wholegrain sandwiches and
Avoid acidic and sugary drinks
(like fruit juice, cordial, soft
drink and sports drinks) - they
are particularly harmful if they
are sipped slowly, or swished
and swilled in the mouth before
Brush your teeth and gums
4 Eat healthy snacks in-between
C Avoid snacking on sugary and
sticky foods and sweets
between meals (like cakes,
biscuits, pastries,
Ask your doctor for sugar-
free medicine. Some medications
can cause you to have a dry
mouth, which can increase the
risk of tooth decay. Talk to
your doctor or dentist about
this, especially if you have a
number of medications
Limit alcoholic drinks
Clean Well
Brushing and flossing are the
best ways to keep your teeth
and gums healthy
twice a day with a small
amount of fluoride toothpaste,
especially before bed
Use a toothbrush with soft
bristles and a small head
Clean between your teeth
with floss, dental woodsticks
or an interdental brush
҃ If you have dentures clean
them carefully everyday, with
a wet soft toothbrush and
plain unperfumed soap (don't
use toothpaste). Do clean
your remaining natural teeth
with toothpaste
NSW Messages for a Healthy Mouth
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