peanut/nut free snacks - Littleton Public Schools

peanut/nut free snacks - Littleton Public Schools
When purchasing snacks or birthday treats for a school event that involves a child who has a peanut/nut allergy,
please read all ingredients carefully. Avoid snacks that contain peanuts, peanut flour, peanut oil, and nuts.
Below you will find a list of snacks that are peanut-nut free at this time. It is always important to read
ingredient labels since manufacturers change production methods.
General Mills - Cinnamon Toast
Crunch, Kix, Berry Berry Kix
Lucky Charms, Rice Chex, Corn
Chex, Wheat Chex, Trix
Kellogg's - Corn Pops,
Crispix, Fruit Loops, Post
Alpha Bits, Quaker Cap 'N
Post - Honey Combs
Mootown Snacks
Go-Gurt, Drinkables
Cheese & Pretzels
Cheese & Sticks
Cheese and Crackers
Sliced, cubed, shredded, string
cheese, cream cheese, spreads,
Austin Zoo Animal Crackers
Betty Crocker Cinnamon
Graham Cookies, Dunk Aroos,
Sprinkled Vanilla Frosting
General Mills-Bugles- original
Kraft-Handi-Snacks-Cheez 'n
Crackers, Apple Dippers,
Cheez 'n Pretzels, Handi
Snacks Teddy Grahams –
honey, chocolate
Pringles- any flavor
Keebler – Bite size Snackin
Grahams – cinnamon, chocolate,
Elf grahams – honey, cinnamon,
Fudge stripes shortbread cookies,
Golden Vanilla Wafers,
Grasshopper mint cookies, New
Rainbow vanilla wafers,
Munch'ems-sour cream & onion,
original, ranch, cheddar, Snack stix,
Sugar wafers, Toasteds – wheat,
buttercrisp, Town House classic
crackers, Wheatables – original,
honey wheat, seven grain
Sunshine – Big Cheez-it,
Cheez-it-regular, reduced fat,
Hi Ho crackers – regular,
reduced fat
Nabisco – Air crisps – potato,
sour cream & onion, ranch,
barbeque, cheddar, Pretzel –
original, Ritz, original, Wheat
Thins – original, ranch,
Barnum Animal Crackers,
Cheddar sportz, Cheese Nips,
Dizzy grizzlies – vanilla
frosted, chocolate frosted,
Graham crackers –cinnamon,
chocolatey chip, chocolate,
honey, Triscuits, Triscuit thin
crisps, Wheat Thins
Frito Lay- Cheetos – Crunch,
Zigzag, Puffs, Rold Gold
Pretzels, Sun Chips – original,
sour cream, cheddar, classic,
Pepperidge Farm-Butter Thins,
Goldfish – any flavor, Goldfish
Graham Snacks-honey,
cinnamon, golden
Old Dutch – Baked Cheez
Curls, chips, Crunchy Curls,
Nabisco - Honey Maid,
cinnamon, chocolate, Newtons –
fig, cobblers, raspberry, apple,
Ritz crackers, saltine crackers,
Teddy Cheddy, Teddy Grahams
Fresh – apples, bananas, oranges,
Jell-O and Pudding snacks
Air Heads, Dum Dum Pops, Gum
Drops, Hershey Kisses – milk
chocolate, extra creamy, Jolly
Ranchers, Junior Mints, Life
Savers, Lollipops, Mike & Ikes,
Milk Duds, Nerds, Oompas, Ring
Pops, Rolos, Runts, Shock Tarts,
Sixlets, Skittles, Smarties, Spree,
Starburst, Sugar Babies, Sweet
Tarts, Tootsie Pops, Tootsie Rolls,
Barrel O'Fun – corn pops (no
kernels), Frito Lay – cheddar
cheese, chester's popcorn
butter, Old Dutch Popcorn –
carmel puffcorns, cheddar,
white, white cheddar
Fresh carrot sticks, celery sticks
Ice Cream
Edy's – Whole fruit Bars,
FlaVorice – "Freezies", Good
Humor Popsicles – sherbet
cyclone, Icee – squeeze up
tubes, Italian Ice, Kemps –
fudge bars-regular and junior
size, ice cream bars, ice cream
cups, ice cream sandwiches –
regular, mint chocolate chip,
twin pops – any flavor, what's
up orange sherbet treats,
Klondike – oreo ice cream
sandwiches, Minute Maid –
soft frozen lemonade, Polar
Express – ice cream
Cakes/cupcakes – Cub Foods
Bakery, Sam's Club Bakery –
white, chocolate, marble cakes
Cub Foods Bakery
donuts/donut holes – glazed,
powdered sugar, sugar, sugar
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