34_EVOLUTION 5800_Application

34_EVOLUTION 5800_Application
Application Overview
Fields of Application
■ Fire Attack
■ Fire Watch
■ Ensure that there are no hidden fires or smouldering materials lef
■ Checking for hotspots for cooling to avoid reignition.
■ Wildland Firefighting
■ Getting an overview of the situation.
■ Locating missing/injured persons/animals.
■ Scanning areas for hot spots.
■ Navigation through smoke.
■ Search and Rescue
■ Vehicle Navigation
■ Situation Analysis, Incident Control,
■ Navigation through darkness, fog or heavy smoke.
White Hot Imagery pointing at a
heat source
Black Hot Imagery pointing at a
fire source
Black Hot Imagery pointing at a
heat source
Fusion Imagery pointing at a fire
Fusion Imagery pointing at a heat
■ Identify areas of heat accumulation, possible ventilation points to reduce
the chances of backdraft or flashover.
■ Identification of superheated gases.
■ Support of quick decision making to deploy additional tools, resources ...
■ Effective use of extinguishing agents.
■ Limitation of damage.
■ Check filling level of i.e. barrels, tank vehicles, silos …
■ Identifying and tracking the sources and movements of contaminants.
■ Preventive Maintenance and Service
■ Building and production surveillance
■ Detecting anomalies in i.e heat distribution of components ...
■ Troubleshooting for failures , defects i.e overheated components …
■ Minimizing dangerous fire risk.
■ Leak detection in i.e isolation, pipes …
■ Avoidance of production downtimes.
■ Ensure processes.
■ Improvement of quality.
■ Cost reduction.
■ Accident and Incident Investigation
■ Locate the origin of the fire
■ Skidmarks.
■ Travel of victims.
■ Firefighter Education and Training
White Hot Imagery pointing at a
fire source
■ Faster location of lost and missing persons
■ Help verifying the number of victims at a vehicle collision.
■ Night scene survey.
■ Location of mass casualty victims.
■ Saving lives.
■ Hazardous Materials
■ Supporting Police Work
■ Locating the source of the fire.
■ Determining the extent of the fire.
■ Detection of flashover dangers.
■ Pinpointing and isolating hidden fires.
■ Minimizing risk for personal with increased ability to see.
■ Checking effectiveness of use extinguishing agents.
■ Directing extinguishing agents.
Fire and Ice Imagery pointing at a
fire source
Fire and Ice Imagery pointing at a
heat source
■ See heat signatures of objects, people and other sources i.e. fugitive
searches, a roaming child, an elderly Alzheimer’s patient, weapons and
drugs tossed by a fleeing suspect...
■ Drug activity surveillance.
■ Identify potential indoor marijuana growing operations.
■ Check and review training exercises
■ Improvement of operations.
Rainbow Imagery pointing at a fire
Rainbow Imagery pointing at a
heat source
Because the display is relative, the image requires interpretation.
The Thermal Imaging Camera is not suitable for the following applications:
■ Although the camera is waterproof, it is unable to take underwater images.
■ The camera does not take images through water or shiny surfaces which affect the system like a mirror.
■ The camera does not take images through walls or objects, it will only show the surface temperature.
■ The camera does not improve the user's sight. Corrective spectacles must continue to be worn.
Normal EVOLUTION 5200 HD &
5800 image
2 x Zoom EVOLUTION 5200 HD
& 5800 image
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