Suggested Snacks and Celebratory Foods

Suggested Snacks and Celebratory Foods
Suggested Snacks and Celebratory
The following foods are consistent with the Wellness Council’s
nutrition standards. The foods will be served after lunch.
 bread sticks or pretzels w/ mustard or other dips
 open face sandwiches using cut vegetables to make faces or other
designs, students can build these themselves in class.
 baked pita chips or bread w/ hummus (prefer whole grain)
 baked tortilla chips with salsa
 pretzels
 popcorn (without flavor)
 homemade pizza bagels
 baked apple ring with cinnamon
 100% frozen fruit bars, homemade or purchased
 homemade banana, carrot or zucchini muffins
 yogurt and fruit parfait, students could build these in class
 fruit cobblers
 graham crackers
 Whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables are great options.
 When buying packaged food, look at the ingredients and try to
 Hydrogenated oils
 High fructose corn syrup
 Artificial color and flavor
 Celebrate with non-food treats such as pencils, note pads, or play
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