Adobe Acrobat 9 Product Family Brochure

Adobe Acrobat 9 Product Family Brochure
Communicate and collaborate more easily
and securely with Adobe PDF
Discover a whole new way of sharing polished work
with virtually anyone, anywhere. From spreadsheets
and brochures to video and CAD files, you’ll redefine
how you communicate. Choose from Adobe Acrobat 9
Pro Extended, Pro, or Standard editions for the work
you do every day.
Business never looked better.
Your work should look just as good as the work you put
into it. And with Adobe Acrobat 9 software, it can. Now
it’s easy to convert almost any file to a polished PDF file,
present multiple documents in a PDF Portfolio, and even
add multimedia—all in a single file.
With Adobe Acrobat 9, it’s easy to turn everyday work into extraordinary work. Assemble
polished, organized presentations from a
wide range of document types, including rich
audio, video, and animation. Customizable
templates make it easy to add navigation
and branding to create professional communications that persuade like never before.
Best of all, you can deliver the most engaging
PDF communications and keep your work
looking great—without worrying about
whether someone can view it.
Create PDF documents with one-button ease from Microsoft Office
and share work with team members regardless of software or
operating systems. Convert documents to PDF from any application
that prints so they can be viewed exactly as you intended with free
Adobe Reader® software.
PDF Portfolios make it easy to organize a wide range of files—
documents, drawings, email, spreadsheets, and rich media,
including video, audio, 3D, and maps—in a polished presentation.
Professional templates help you deliver compelling, branded
work anytime, anywhere.
Adobe Presenter software livens up your Microsoft PowerPoint
slides and helps you create engaging interactive presentations.
Easily add video, voice-over, demos, and quizzes and save as PDF
for sharing. (Included with Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.)
Native support for Adobe Flash® technology enables you to share
video and animations easily across platforms. Convert a range of
video formats to FLV for reliable playback in PDF files—without a
special media player.
Your work is too important to let just anyone view or
modify it. That’s why you need Adobe Acrobat 9. Now it’s
easy to password-protect files, set permissions to control
printing or changes, and even permanently remove
sensitive information and metadata—so you can feel
confident your work is safe.
With Adobe Acrobat 9 software, it’s easier
than ever to help protect your most sensitive
information. From document permissions that
help control who can view, alter, and print
content to digital signatures that verify your
document’s authenticity, Acrobat 9 comes
with a range of tools to help you control the
work you distribute. You’re fully equipped to
help safeguard the integrity of your work and
communicate exactly as you intended.
Password protection and 256-bit encryption add security features
to your PDF files and keep privileged information from getting into
the wrong hands.
Document permissions enable you to limit what recipients can
do with your PDF file. You decide who can print, copy, or modify
content—an easy way to safeguard your work.
Redaction tools make it easy to find and permanently remove
sensitive information, including metadata, before you share
documents with customers, colleagues, and others.
Getting feedback on your work—and everyone on the
same page—can be a challenge. That’s where Adobe
Acrobat 9 can help. Now your entire team can view and
respond as comments are being made—streamlining
your reviews and approvals, so you can work better
with everyone.
Designed to bring people and ideas together,
Adobe Acrobat 9 makes it easy to gather
feedback and facilitate approval among
team members. Use it to conduct shared
reviews online, document your team’s input,
and eliminate confusion across review cycles.
With Adobe Acrobat 9, you’ll get everything
you need for clear and efficient collaboration—anytime, anywhere.
Familiar commenting tools, including sticky notes, highlighter,
lines, shapes, and stamps, make it easy to review and mark up a
PDF document just like you would on paper—without learning
a new system.
Synchronized document views help you get colleagues, clients,
and partners on the same page at the same time with the ability to
co-navigate documents. To provide clarity and enhance discussion,
e-mail a document and walk recipients through it in real time by
controlling the exact page view they see.
Shared document reviews capture all team comments and feedback in one efficient electronic format. Initiating shared reviews
and enabling commenting with Acrobat 9 enables virtually anyone
with free Adobe Reader software (version 8 or later) to participate
in PDF reviews.
Creating electronic forms isn’t easy—unless you use
Adobe Acrobat 9. With just a few clicks, you can create
a form that virtually anyone can fill in and save electronically. You can track your forms and see when they’ve
been completed. And you can export form information
to a spreadsheet. It’s that simple.
You don’t have to be a designer to create the
forms you need. Adobe Acrobat 9 gives you
a range of tools for simplified form creation
so you can convert simple static forms to
interactive forms and create dynamic forms
that change with user input—all in a few
clicks. Customize forms instantly with text
fields, checkboxes, and drop-down menus.
And make it simple for others to fill in and
save your PDF forms.
Electronic form creation is fast and simple. Easily create fillable
PDF forms from scans, existing PDF files, text documents, or
Form Wizard and Form Tracker make it easy to create, distribute,
and track forms; sort and filter responses; and quickly export data
to spreadsheets for analysis and reporting.
Enable users of free Adobe Reader software to fill in and save
forms locally*. By extending Acrobat functionality to Reader users,
you can invite virtually anyone to participate in the workflows
you initiate.
* For ad-hoc form distribution and data collection for up to 500 people.
Choose Adobe Acrobat 9 for the work you do every day.
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