MS592/50 Philips Brush Head Replacement

MS592/50 Philips Brush Head Replacement
Brush Head
Exfoliation brush head
Dead skin cell removal
Gentle exfoliation
For all skin types
The exfoliation brush wipes away dull and dead skin cells thoroughly, giving your
skin a fresh and clean start.
Gentle weekly exfoliation
9,600 thick bristles for gentle exfoliation
Use it weekly to give your skin a fresh start
Suitable for all skin types
Unique bristle design for effective dead skin cell removal
Easy to use
Replace the brush head every 6 months for a hygienic use
Compatible with VisaPure Men and SmartClick shaver brushes
Brush Head Replacement
Designed for superior reach
Developed for exfoliation
Wash with water and mild soap: Dry brush
with a towel
Fits product type: SmartClick brush RQ585,
SmartClick brush SH575, VisaPure MEN range
The exfoliation brush has 9,600 thick bristles
The 9,600 thick bristles have a unique design
with a diameter of 100 micron, that remove
dead skin cells from even the hardest-toreach areas of your face.
for exfoliation: The shorter bristles exfoliate
gently, while the longer ones wipe away dead
skin cells effectively.
Weekly treat for your skin
Replace heads every 6 months
The specially-designed bristles are suitable for
weekly use
To keep your VisaPure MEN hygienic, replace
your exfoliation brush head every 6 months by
simply clicking on a new brush head
replacement onto your VisaPure MEN.
Compatible with Philips VisaPure Men, the
SmartClick Facial Cleansing Brush SH575 and
the facial cleansing brushes of Philips Shaver
Series 9000, 7000 and 5000.
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Issue date 2017‑08‑09
Version: 12.0.1
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Replace head every 3 months
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