SCF195/30 Philips Fashion pacifiers

SCF195/30 Philips Fashion pacifiers
Fashion pacifiers
Orthodontic for maximum comfort
Orthodontic & BPA-Free
Pacifier with cute elephant designs
Philips Avent orthodontic, collapsible and symmetrical nipples respect the natural
development of baby's palate, teeth and gums . All Philips Avent pacifiers are made of
silicone and are taste and odor-free. Colors are subject to change.
Orthodontic nipple
• Orthodontic, symmetrical collapsible nipple
• Can be sterilized
• Dishwasher Safe
• Security ring handle
Odorless and taste-free
• User-friendly silicone nipples
Fashion pacifiers
6-18m Orthodontic & BPA-Free, 2-pack
Security ring handle
The silicone is smooth, transparent, easy to clean
and it doesn't get sticky. The nipple is strong, longlasting and won't become mis-shapen or discolored
over time.
Can be sterilized
Country of origin
• England
What is included
• Silicone Pacifier: 2 pcs
• Snap-on hygienic cap: 2 pcs
Can be sterilized
Helps to comfort your baby
Hygienic cap
Development stages
• Stages: 6-18 months
For easy removal of the Philips Avent pacifier at any
Orthodontic nipple
Can be sterilized
Dishwasher Safe
Philips Avent flat, drop-shaped symmetrical nipples
respect the natural development of your baby's
palate, teeth and gums, even if the pacifier ends
upside-down in the mouth.
User-friendly silicone nipples
Dishwasher Safe
The Philips Avent silicone nipple is taste and odorfree so it's more likely to be accepted by your baby.
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