MR Cloud Managed Wireless Access Points

MR Cloud Managed Wireless Access Points
Datasheet | MR Series
MR Cloud Managed
Wireless Access Points
Class-Leading Enterprise Features
The Meraki MR series is the world’s first enterprise-grade line of
cloud-managed WLAN access points. Designed for challenging
enterprise environments, the MR access points use advanced
802.11n technologies including MIMO, beam forming and channel
bonding to deliver the throughput and reliable coverage required
by demanding business applications.
The MR series comes equipped with industry-leading features that
make them ideal for demanding enterprise deployments:
Central Cloud Management
Meraki’s award-winning cloud management architecture provides
powerful and intuitive centralized management, while eliminating
the cost and complexity of traditional on-site wireless controllers.
Seamlessly manage campus-wide WiFi deployments and distributed
multi-site networks with zero-touch access point provisioning,
network-wide visibility and control, cloud-based RF optimization,
seamless firmware updates and more. With an intuitive browserbased user interface, Meraki WLANs configure in minutes without
training or dedicated staff. Adding new sites to a network takes
minutes, not hours or days, and there’s no need to train additional
staff to monitor or manage the remote networks. Meraki devices
self-provision, enabling large campus and multi-site deployments
without on-site IT.
• Self-configuring, plug-and-play deployment
• 802.11n MIMO with up to three spatial streams
• Enhanced transmit power and receive sensitivity
• Self-healing, zero-configuration mesh
• Integrated enterprise security and guest access
• Application-aware traffic analysis and traffic shaping
• Integrated spectrum analysis
• Optimized for voice and video
• Role-based administration and automatic, scheduled firmware
upgrades over the web
• E-mail and text message alerts upon power loss, downtime, or
configuration changes
Inside the Meraki MR
MR24 shown, features vary by model
3X3 MIMO Antennas
Dual 802.11n radios with 3 spatial
streams for up to 900 Mbps
Enhanced CPU
Layer 3-7 firewall
and traffic shaping
Rapid Deployment and Scalability
High Performance RF Design
Built from the ground up for multi-site networks, Meraki’s
access points have revolutionized distributed branch wireless
networking. Zero-touch deployments, multi-site visibility and
control, and automated alerts make deploying, securing, and
centrally managing branch networks a breeze.
Every Meraki access point continuously and automatically monitors
its surroundings to maximize Wi-Fi performance. By measuring
channel utilization, signal strength, throughput, signals from
non-Meraki APs, and non-WiFi interference, Meraki APs automatically
optimize WiFi performance of individual APs and maximize
system-wide performance.
Meraki’s cloud-managed architecture enables plug and play branch
deployments and provides centralized visibility and control across
any number of distributed locations. Since Meraki’s MR series
is managed entirely through Meraki’s web-based dashboard,
configuration and diagnostics can be performed remotely just as
easily as they can be performed on-site, eliminating costly field
visits. Each device downloads its configuration via Meraki’s cloud,
applying your network and security policies automatically so you
don’t have to provision them on-site.
Meraki APs have been deployed and proven in the most
demanding environments, supporting more than 100 users per AP
and collectively serving hundreds of Megabits per second of user
traffic to thousands of devices. By eliminating traditional hardware
controllers, Meraki also eliminates the performance bottleneck that
often chokes high-density wireless deployments.
By measuring utilization from neighboring APs, detecting WiFi
signals from non-Meraki APs, and identifying non-WiFi interference,
Meraki APs continuously stay on top of changing and challenging
conditions. Tools such as real-time spectrum analysis and
live channel utilization deliver immediate information on the
RF environment at any part of the network. Even in dynamic
environments, Meraki networks automatically detect and adapt
to interference from non-802.11 sources.
Real-time and historical metrics ensure maximum system-wide
performance. Wireless channels, AP output power, and client
connection settings are automatically adapted to changing
performance and interference conditions, eliminating the need for
tedious manual adjustment of dozens of independent parameters.
Meraki Cloud Management Architecture
Mesh networking, included in every Meraki AP, extends coverage to
hard to wire areas and creates a self-healing network that is resilient
to cable and switch failures, continuing to operate despite failures or
configuration changes in the rest of the network, without the need
for manual configuration or optimization.
Meraki, Inc. | 660 Alabama St, San Francsico, CA 94110 | (415) 632-5800 |
Spectrum Analysis
User Analytics and Traffic Shaping
Live Troubleshooting Tools
Multi-Site Management
Air Marshal: Real-Time Wireless Intrusion Prevention System
Built-in Security with Air Marshal
The Meraki MR series comes equipped with complete out-of-the-box enterprise class security. Segment wireless users, applications, and
devices; secure your network from attacks and enforce the right policies for each class of users. Meraki’s built-in stateful policy firewall,
802.1X/RADIUS support, and native Active Directory integration deliver fine-grained access control, while Meraki’s guest access firewall
provides secure, Internet-only guest WiFi in just one click. Integrated network access control (NAC) provides end-user anti-virus scanning for
accurate client device posture asessment to protect your wired and wireless network against virus infections. With Meraki’s new Air Marshal
system, it is now possible to set up a real-time wireless intrusion detection and prevention system (WIDS/WIPS) with user-defined threat
remediation policies and intrusion alarms. Meraki enables secure wireless environments without complex setup or systems integration.
Meraki WLANs are fully HIPAA and PCI compliant.
Built-in Guest Access & Captive Portal Tools
Meraki’s cloud management provides the ability to customize and
integrate splash pages onto each Meraki MR access point, with
options for click-through or sign-on splash using your own RADIUS
server or Meraki’s built-in RADIUS user database. Meraki’s MR series
features a complete array of built-in captive portal tools, including a
guest ambassador portal for new-user sign-on, splash sign-in tracking,
application blocking and traffic shaping, free and paid tiers of access,
integrated credit-card processing and prepaid codes generation, and
splash by-pass for corporate-issued or recognized devices.
Customize your hotspot’s captive portal to display your firm’s logo,
terms of agreement, and sign-on policies for effective and secure
guest access or hotspot branding. A comprehensive external captive
portal (EXCAP) API provides extended captive portal functionality
for service providers, enabling custom-hosted splash pages with
RADIUS/AAA extensions for location-based advertising and user
analytics, bandwidth and session timeout enforcements, with
RADIUS accounting parameters for session session tracking.
Meraki, Inc. | 660 Alabama St, San Francsico, CA 94110 | (415) 632-5800 |
Client Location Tracking
Device Reporting and Analytics
Device-Based Group Policies
BYOD-ready, Out of the Box
User-owned devices have exploded onto networks everywhere, with
new iPads, Androids, and smartphones connecting every day. It’s
imperative to keep network access secure and apply device-specific
policies without opening security holes or causing an undue support
burden. Meraki’s MR series features built-in support for BYOD and
makes it easier than ever to securely track and support user-owned
iPads, tablets, smartphones, and laptops – without extra appliances,
licenses, or complex VLAN configurations. Using integrated Layer 7
client fingerprinting, client devices are automatically identified and
classified, letting you distinguish between iPads and iPhones, device
operating systems, and even manufacturer. Device-specific policies
can be automatically applied to restrict, quarantine, or throttle user-
owned devices. Client fingerprinting combined with a heuristics-driven reporting engine allows you to generated detailed reports BYOD
clients have connected, measure the bandwidth they’ve used, and
even see their percentage of total traffic.
Distributed Packet Processing
Auto-Tunneling VPN Technology
Meraki executes packet processing at the edge. Each wireless
access point features a high performance CPU that enforces layer
3-7 firewall policies, application QoS, network access control (NAC),
and more. Meraki networks scale seamlessly: add capacity by simply
deploying more APs, without concern for controller bottlenecks or
choke points.
Leveraging Meraki’s cloud architecture, site-to-site VPNs can be
enabled via a single click without any command-line configurations
or multi-step key permission setups; Meraki’s cloud management
automatically tunnels, hole punches and configures devices to
eliminate the complexity seen in traditional VPN setups. Complete
with IPsec encryption, deploy the following architectural setups
within minutes:
Every Meraki wireless access point is built with the packet
processing resources to secure and control its client traffic, without
need for a wireless LAN controller. Meraki APs are built with a high
performance CPU, hardware-accelerated encryption, and extended
memory resources to implement stateful firewall policies, voice and
video optimization, and even layer 7 traffic classification and QoS.
Complete with a free mobile device management (MDM) client
agent called Systems Manager, monitor each of your organization’s
devices, showing useful metrics including client hardware/software
information and recent location, and centrally manage your
corporate devices with a great degree of granulaity; log in with
remote desktop or command-line, push new applications, and
remotely lock and erase devices.
• VPN Teleworker: Securely extend the corporate LAN to remote
sites wirelessly, using the MR series with your own server or a
Meraki MX
• Site-to-site VPN: Multi-branch VPN w/ WAN optimization and
Content Filtering (using Meraki MX)
• Secure roaming: L2 and L3 roaming for large campus environments
Meraki, Inc. | 660 Alabama St, San Francsico, CA 94110 | (415) 632-5800 |
Product Options
WLAN Small
branch, teleworker,
home office
oriented WLAN
Enterprise, Campus,
Highest performance
& capacity WLAN,
high-density campus,
WLAN, outdoor campuses, industrial
WLAN, outdoor
campuses, industrial,
point-to-point links
Radio specification
1 x 802.11b/g/n
1 x 802.11b/g/n radio
1 x 802.11b/g/n radio
1 x 802.11b/g/n radio
1 x 802.11b/g/n radio
1 x 802.11a/n radio
1 x 802.11a/n radio
300 Mbps max rate
1 x 802.11a/n radio
600 Mbps max rate
900 Mbps max rate
600 Mbps max rate
2x2 MIMO,
3x3 MIMO with 3
streams, beamforming
2x2 MIMO,
300 Mbps max rate
2x2 MIMO,
1 × Gigabit and 1 ×
10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports
1 × Gigabit Ethernet
1 × Gigabit Ethernet
1 × Gigabit Ethernet
1 × Gigabit Ethernet
802.3af Power over
Ethernet DC power
802.3af Power over
Ethernet DC power
802.3af Power over
Ethernet DC power
802.3af Power over
802.3af Power over
Physical design
industrial design
industrial design
Low-profile industrial
Rugged industrial
Rugged industrial
UL2043 Plenum
UL2043 Plenum rated
Water and dust sealed
(IP67 rated)
Water and dust
sealed (IP67 rated
Vibration and shock
Vibration and shock
Priority Voice
Priority Voice
3-stream, 3x3 MIMO
Priority Voice
Priority Voice
Power Save
Power Save
Priority Voice
Power Save (802.11e/
Power Save (802.11e/
Enterprise-grade CPU
Enterprise-grade CPU
Hardware-accelerated encryption
Hardware-accelerated encryption
High-density support
Band steering
2x2 MIMO,
Power Save (802.11e/
Enterprise-grade CPU
High-density support
High-density support
Band steering
Mesh networking
Basic mesh
High performance
multi-radio mesh
Highest performance
multi-radio mesh
Basic mesh
High performance
multi-radio mesh
7.3” x 5.8” x 1.0”
(185 mm x 147 mm x
25 mm)
7.3” x 5.8” x 1.0”
(185 mm x 147 mm x
25 mm)
8.6” x 6.2” x 1.4” (218
mm x 157 mm x 36
10.5” x 7.6” x 2.2”
(267mm x 192mm x
10.5” x 7.6” x 2.2”
(267mm x 192mm x
16 oz (0.45 kg)
17 oz (0.48kg)
22 oz (0.62kg)
1.5 lb (680 g)
1.9 lb (862 g)
Meraki, Inc. | 660 Alabama St, San Francsico, CA 94110 | (415) 632-5800 |
802.11n Capabilities (see individual MR datasheets for specifics)
FCC and EU compliant operating bands
Integrated policy firewall (Identity Policy Manager)
MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output)
Device and OS-based policies
Maximal ratio combining (MRC)
Real-time WIPS (wireless intrusion prevention system)
Rogue AP containment
20 and 40 MHz channels
Guest isolation
Packet aggregation
Teleworker VPN with IPsec
Cyclic shift diversity (CSD) support
PCI compliance reporting
Power over Ethernet: 24 - 57 V (802.3af compatible)
WPA2-Enterprise with 802.1X
12 V DC
TKIP and AES encryption
Power consumption: 12.5 W max
VLAN tagging (802.1q)
Power over Ethernet injector and DC adapter sold separately
Quality of Service
Wireless Quality of Service (WMM/802.11e)
All standard mounting hardware included
Advanced Power Save (U-APSD) (MR24 only)
Desktop / Wall mount
DSCP (802.1p)
Ceiling tile rail (9/16, 15/16 or 1 ½” flush or recessed rails)
Assorted cable junction boxes
LED Indicators
4 signal strength
Physical Security
1 Ethernet connectivity
Security screw included
1 power/booting/firmware upgrade status
Kensington lock hard point
Padlock hard point (Master Lock 120T or equivalent)
Anti-tamper cable bay
Concealed mount plate
IC (Canada)
CE (Europe)
C-Tick (Australia/New Zealand)
Operating temperature (indoor APs): 32 °F to 104 °F (0 °C to 40 °C)
UL2043 (Plenum rating)
Operating temperature (outdoor APs): -4 °F to 122 °F (-20 °C to 50 °C)
IP67 environmental rating (outdoor APs)
Humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing
Lifetime hardware warranty with advanced replacement included (1 year for outdoor
1x 100/1000Base-T Ethernet (RJ45) with 48V DC 802.3af PoE
MTBF: 450,000 hours
1x DC power connector (5 mm x 2.1 mm, center positive)
Meraki, Inc. | 660 Alabama St, San Francsico, CA 94110 | (415) 632-5800 |
Ordering Information: Access Point Hardware
Meraki MR12 Cloud Managed AP
Meraki MR16 Cloud Managed AP
MR24-HW Meraki MR24 Cloud Managed AP
Meraki MR62 Cloud Managed AP
Meraki MR66 Cloud Managed AP
Note: Meraki Enterprise Cloud Management license required.
Ordering Information: Software Licenses and Support
Meraki MR Enterprise License and Support, 1 Year
Meraki MR Enterprise License and Support, 3 Year
Meraki MR Enterprise License and Support, 5 Year
Ordering Information: Antennas & Accessories
Meraki 5-7 dBi Omni Antenna, Dual Band, N-Type, set of 2 (MR62/MR66)
Meraki 14 dBi Sector Antenna, 5GHz MIMO, N-Type (MR66)
Meraki 11 dBi Sector Antenna, 2.4 GHz MIMO, N-Type (MR62)
Meraki 802.3af Power over Ethernet Injector (XX = US, EU, UK or AU)
Meraki AC Adapter for MR Series (XX = US, EU, UK or AU
Meraki, Inc. | 660 Alabama St, San Francsico, CA 94110 | (415) 632-5800 |
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