Xtp Sr hDMI
X TP CrossPoint Systems
X T P Ext e n d e r s
Long Distance XTP Scaling Receiver
The Extron XTP SR HDMI is an XTP receiver that scales HDMI, DVI, RGB, HD component
video, and standard definition video to the optimal output resolution for the display. It accepts
video, audio, bidirectional RS-232 and IR, and Ethernet up to 330 feet (100 m) over a single
CAT 5-type cable. The receiver features HDMI audio de-embedding with digital S/PDIF or
analog stereo audio outputs. It also allows Ethernet extension and insertion of bidirectional
RS-232 and IR for LAN access and AV device control at remote locations. The XTP SR HDMI
scaling receiver works with the XTP CrossPoint ® System for signal distribution and longdistance transmission to remote endpoints.
• Receives video with embedded audio, bidirectional RS-232 and IR, and Ethernet
up to 330 feet (100 m) over a single CAT 5-type cable
• Scales HDMI, DVI, RGB, HD component video, and standard definition video
received from XTP devices
• Selectable output rates from 640x480 to 1920x1200, including HDTV 1080p/60
• Bidirectional RS-232 and IR insertion for AV device control
• Supported HDMI specification features include data rates up to 6.75 Gbps, Deep
Color up to 12-bit, 3D, and HD lossless audio formats
• HDCP compliant
• EDID Minder® automatically manages EDID communication between connected
• Key Minder® continuously verifies HDCP compliance for quick, reliable switching
• Ethernet extension
• HDMI audio de-embedding with analog stereo and digital S/PDIF audio outputs
Resolution range
Signal type
Maximum data rate
Interconnection between transmitter and receiver
1 female RJ-45 per unit for TP cable connecting the transmitter or switcher
and receiver
Termination standards
TIA/EIA T568A or T568B
Signal transmission distance 330' (100 m) using CAT 5e/6 UTP or STP cable
Video processing
Digital sampling
24 bit, 8 bits per color, 165 MHz standard
16.78 million
Number/signal type
1 single link HDMI (or DVI-D*)
Video output
Audio output
Number/signal type
• Supports multiple embedded audio formats
1 analog stereo (2 channel), balanced/unbalanced
1 digital stereo, embedded with HDMI output
1 S/PDIF digital audio, coax
Control/remote - external device
(pass-through, unidirectional or bidirectional)
Serial control port
Serial control port
• Remote power capability
Up to 1080p (HDTV) or 1920x1200 (the highest resolution of the single link DVI
standard) @ 60 Hz
Single-link HDMI (or DVI-D*)
Supports Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) and Display Data
Channel (DDC) data using DVI and HDMI standards. EDID and DDC signals are
actively buffered.
Compliant with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) using DVI and
HDMI 1.3 standards
6.75 Gbps (2.25 Gbps per color)
DVI 1.0, HDMI 1.3a, HDCP 1.1
1 set of proprietary signals on a female RJ-45 jack
RS-232 (±5 V) via (1) 3.5 mm, 5 pole captive screw connector (uses 3 poles)
(connector is shared with IR control port)
Baud rates
Up to 115200 baud
Ethernet pass-through port 1 female RJ-45 connector
Ethernet data rate
10/100Base-T, half/full duplex with autodetect
IR control port
(1) 3.5 mm, captive screw connector, 5 pole (connector is shared with RS-232
control port)
TTL level (0 to 5 V) modulated infrared control from 30 kHz up to 40 kHz
Relay number/type
2 normally open relays
Relay control contact rating 24 V, 1 A
• Supports DDC transmission
• Selectable HDMI audio pass-through
• Audio output volume adjustment and muting
• Contact closure device control
• 1080i deinterlacing
• Auto-Image™ automatically optimizes output
• Aspect ratio control
• Image freeze control
• Internal test patterns for calibration and setup
• Comprehensive, LED indicators for signal presence, HDCP, and power
• RJ-45 signal and link status LED indicator for XTP port
• Compatible with all XTP integrated system products
Power supplyExternal
Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Output: 12 VDC, 1 A, 12 watts
NOTE: Each XTP transmitter or receiver can be powered either locally by an external power supply or
remotely using an optional power inserter.
Enclosure dimensions
1.0" H x 8.75" W x 6.0" D (half rack wide)
(2.5 cm H x 22.2 cm W x 15.2 cm D)
(Depth excludes connectors.)
NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
For complete specifications, please go to www.extron.com
Version Description
XTP Scaling Receiver. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60-1199-01
+800.633.9876 | www.extron.com
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