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Attach your Apple
Macintosh, Sun,
or compatible
computers to any of
the CPU ports on
many IBM PC type
ServSwitch models!
Key Features
Converts PS/2 type
keyboard and mouse
signals to Apple
Macintosh or Sun
type signals, so you
can connect an Apple
CPU to ServSwitch
models with no Apple
or Sun support.
Can be plugged
directly into the CPU
port of a ServSwitch.
re there one or more Mac
or Sun computers sitting in
your data center that you’d like to
connect to the same ServSwitch™
KVM-switching system attached
your other computers—but the
ServSwitch model you’re using
doesn’t support Mac or Sun?
ServSwitch™ Micro Mac
Converters provide a simple way
to connect Apple Macintosh
computers that use Apple Desktop
Bus™ (ADB™) keyboards and mice
to some ServSwitch models that
don’t have built-in ADB support.
The Converters change IBM
formatted keyboard and mouse
data into ADB format. (They
don’t do anything with the video
signals; you’ll probably also
need a Mac Video Adapter for
ServSwitch™—our product code
KV99MA—for any attached
Mac that must see monitor ID
to output video.)
For Sun Microsystems to
ServSwitch connections there’s
the ServSwitch™ Micro Sun
Converter, which allows you
to attach Sun computers to
PC-compatible ServSwitches
without built-in Sun keyboard/
mouse support.
Gets all the power
it needs from the
attached ServSwitch.
Status LED makes
monitoring easy.
Maps all standard
Apple or Sun keyboard
keys, including
Power keys.
Each Converter’s DB25 male
end is designed to be plugged
directly into the CPU port of a
ServSwitch, where it will get all
the power it needs to operate. The
DB25 female end is designed to
accept one-to-many CPU Cable.
ServSwitch models supported
by the ServSwitch Micro Mac and
Micro Sun Converters include:
• The PC-only regular
ServSwitch (SW72x and
KV3100 series).
• The ServSwitch™ Affinity
• The Matrix ServSwitch™
(SW740 series).
• The ServSwitch Professor™
(KV780 series).
• The ServShare™ (KV750
Other switches that have the
same type of CPU ports as the
regular ServSwitch might also be
compatible with the Micro Mac
and Micro Sun Converters. Call
Black Box Technical Support to
find out whether a given model is
supported or not.
Both Converters have a single
status LED mounted on their sides
that will:
(a) be steadily lit if the
Converter is operating
properly, or
(b) flash if the Converter’s
electronics ever fail.
With either Converter in place,
you may need to configure your
KVM Switch to output “PC mode
3” type keyboard data and PS/2
type mouse data to the CPU port
that the Converter is attached to.
The Converter will map PS/2
keystrokes to Apple or Sun
keystrokes (depending on which
Micro Converter you’re using).
This means that you need to use
a 104/105-key “Windows ready”
keyboard, because the older
101/102 type keyboards don’t
have quite enough keys for real
one-to-one key mapping.
The Micro Sun Converter
translates PC keyboard codes
into codes that would be
produced by a “U.S. English”
Sun keyboard. If any of your Sun
CPUs need to see a different
keyboard language, please call
Black Box Technical Support.
ServSwitch (KV3108SA-R4)
Connect your
Sun CPUs to a
regular ServSwitch
in this manner...
CPU Cables
PC Monitor,
Keyboard, and
User Cable
Micro Sun
ServSwitch Affinity (KV130A)
...or make room
for a Macintosh
even on a
ServSwitch that
doesn’t know
a Mac from a
pocket calculator.
CPU Cables
Resolution: Transparent to video
resolution and refresh rate
Mac CPU, possibly with
Mac Video Adapter for
ServSwitch™ (KV99MA)
Ordering Information
Interfaces: Video:
KV99MCON: VGA or VGAcompatible 832 x 624 Apple
Macintosh video; when
used in tandem with
KV99MA adapter, can
also support other types
of Mac video;
KV99SCON: VGA or VGAcompatible 1152 x 900 Sun
video; depending on type of
KVM switch and monitor
used, might also support
other types of Sun video;
Keyboard and mouse:
KV99MCON: Apple Desktop
Bus (ADB);
KV99SCON: Sun type
User Cable
ServSwitch™ Micro Mac
Converter (KV99MCON)
Compliance: FCC Part 15 Subpart J
Class A, IC Class/classe A
Sun Monitor,
Keyboard, and
User Controls: None
Indicator: (1) Side-mounted status
(1) Front-mounted DB25 female
for cable attachment;
(1) Rear-mounted DB25 male
for plugging into Switch’s
CPU port
Power: 5 VDC at 50 mA from
attached Switch’s CPU port
Temperature Tolerance:
32 to 131°F (0 to 55°C)
Humidity Tolerance:
Up to 80% noncondensing
Enclosure: Aluminum
Size: 0.8"H x 2"W x 2.5"D
(2 x 5.1 x 6.4 cm)
Weight: 2 oz. (57 g)
ServSwitch Micro Mac Converter ..............KV99MCON
ServSwitch™ Micro Sun Converter.................KV99SCON
You might also need…
Mac Video Adapter for ServSwitch™ ..................KV99MA
Mac CPU/Server to ServSwitch Cable:
Standard, DB15 (Pre G3™) Connector ....EHN215-0xxx*
Coax, DB15 (Pre G3™) Connector ............EHN208-0xxx*
Standard, HD15 (VGA) Connector...........EHN550-0xxx*
Coax, HD15 (VGA) Connector...................EHN560-0xxx*
Sun CPU/Server to ServSwitch Cable:
Coax, 13W3 (Sun type) Connector..........EHN206-0xxx*
Coax, HD15 (VGA) Connector...................EHN515-0xxx*
*For the CPU Adapter Cables, xxx’s are shown instead of the last
three digits of the code because the cables come in several
lengths. For example, the last three digits would be “005” for a 5'
cable. CPU Cables are available in 5’, 10', 20', 35', 50', 75', and 100'
(1.5-m, 3-m, 6.1-m, 10.7-m, 15.2-m, 22.9-m, and 30.5-m) lengths.
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