Thank you for your purchase ofthis product. Before

Thank you for your purchase ofthis product. Before
 Thank vou for your purchase of this product. Before operating
the product, please read this instruction manual carefully to
ensure proper use of the product. Please store this instruction
manual in a safe place for future reference after you have read
1. Power supply
(1) Use only with a 12V DC power supply
(2) Be sure to connect each lead to the appropriate
terminal. Wrong connection may cause malfunction
“and 7or damage to the video camera.
2. Operating and storage locations
(1) Do not attempt to aim the camera at the sun or other
extremely bright objects that cause smear to appear
irrespective of whether the camera is operating or not.
This can damage the CCD (Charge Coupled Device).
(2) Do not place the camera in the following locations.
(D Locations subjected to extremely high or low
temperatures. |
© Locations subjected to high levels of humidity
and dust.
© Locations where there are large amounts of water
vapor and steam.
(4) Locations subjected to excessive vibrations.
(3) When this camera is installed near the equipment like
wireless communication device which emits strong
electromagnetic field, some irregularity such as noise
on monitor Screen may happen.
(4) When plugging the power cord to and electric outlet,
be sure to leave enough space around the outlet for
easy access to the outlet for later turning the power on
and off.
3. Handing of the unit
Do not allow the camera to be subjected to strong impacts
or shocks. The camera could be damaged by improper
handing or storage
* Never attempt to disassemble or modify the camera.
* If an abnormality should happen to occur, immediately
turn off the power and consult your dealer.
Model No CCD TV Lines |Mini Illumination
1/4" High
S tivity
ED fry, 0.1Lux
м High [480 TV L 0.2Lux
Sensitivity 450TVL
HSG-3S540M 600 TVL ux
Sync System Internal
Model AUTO
White Balance Range 3200-10000'K
Gain Control AUTO
S/N Ratio >50dB
Electronic Shutter
1/50~1/12,000 second
pme a е
Video Out Composite output 1.0V p-p at 75 odm
Gamma Correction 0.45
Lens 3.6mm
Operation Temp -10°C~50°C
Dimensions 60mm(H) * 120mm(®)
Power DC12V(<100mA )
Weight 1768
* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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