Pfeiffer - Product Specifications

Pfeiffer - Product Specifications
One machine does 2 jobs! Combining the 2 most popular ways to bind or store documents is brilliant, and Pfeiffer has done just
that! Plastic Comb binding is the most popular way to bind a document while 3 hole punching for binders is convenient for your
business and/or personal life.
Pfeiffer's uBind 1.0 means you only need 1 machine. It punches up to 4 sheets, can plastic bind up to 70 sheets (or 140 pages) and
is compact for storing in a small space such as a home office. Our Pfeiffer includes a Free Starter-Pack of Binding Supplies and a
Free portable Pfeiffer 3 in 1 Charge/ Data Cable!
Type of Binding
Punching Method
Binding Method
Compatible Supplies
Paper Size Max
Binding Capacity
Punching Capacity
Punching Capacity Covers
Capacity 4 hole punch
Number of Punching Dies
Punch margin depth
Additional 4 hole punch
Plastic Binding
Plastic Binding Combs up to 12 mm (1/2") size
70 sheets
4 sheets
1 PVC cover or 2 cardboard covers
4 sheets
At back of binding machine
Red / Grey
Binding Machine
Instruction Manual
Pfeiffer PLUS Gift
Plastic Binding Starter Pack
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