58mm Thermal Receipt Printer
58mm Thermal Receipt Printer
-Operating Manual
Safety Precautions
Feb, 2017
Please be sure to read this manual carefully before using the printer operation
All Rights Reserved
to ensure correct and safe use of the printer.
Security Warning
Warning:Don’t touch the printer paper cutter and tear serrated avoid scratching
This manual is the Company's intellectual property rights, copyright protection
of the manual contains proprietary information, without prior written permission is
strictly prohibited in any form or by any machine, electronic or other means to copy
any part of this manual.
Warning: Print head for the heat-generating components, just after the end of the
printing process and print can not touch the print head and the surrounding parts,
in order to avoid burns.
Warning:Don’t plug the interface cable in the charged state, in order to avoid
damage to the printer and personal electric shock.
1. Don’t use and storage of the printer on t he high temperature, high humidity
and pollution.
2. The printer's power adapter is connected to a properly grounded outlet, avoid
large motors or other power supply voltage fluctuations can cause the device
Thank you for purchasing our series of printer paper, this manual applicable
Series 58 thermal receipt p r i nter, use the hand this manual will help you understand
the most comprehensive series of machine functions and operations, we are very
careful preparation of this manual, although the manual strive to be accurate , but
we are the contents of this manual can not be guaranteed to be completely correct,
to use the same socket.
3. Avoid water or conductive material ( such as: metal) into the inside of the
printer, in the event, immediately turn off the power.
4. The printer can not print without paper state, otherwise it w ill s eriously
damage the platen and the thermal print head.
because our products have b een continuous improvement and updating, so my
5. Users are not allowed to disassemble the printer for repair or renovation.
company the right to modify without notice reservations I f u sers need further
6. Power adapter Use only the designed with the power adapter or 12V - 3A
information about our products, contact your local dealer.
standard power adapter.
7. In order to ensure the print product quality and life , we r ecommend using
equivalent quality thermal paper.
8. Keep manual for future use reference。
58 mm Thermal Receipt Printer
Operating Manual
1.Application Area
Cash register and POS System receipt printing
EPT and POS System receipt printing
3.Installation Roll Paper
58 thermal printer using thermal 58mm paper roll, using easy paper loading mechanism, very convenient
paper loading.
Sports, postal services, aviation receipt printing
Inquiry, bill printing service system
Thermal printer maximum outer diameter of 75mm.
Thermal paper installation method is as follows:
Measuring Instruments Data Printing
(1) Open the printer cover.
Tax receipt printing
(2) Thermal paper roll as shown in the following figure into the paper loading position.
2.Technical Parameters
Print Method: Thermal Line Printing
Print Character: 384dot/Line ; ANK Character
Font A:12*24dots,1.5(W)*3.0(H)mm
Font B:9*17dots,1.1(W)*2.1(H)mm
(3)Pull out the paper short to box outside, close the top cover.
Font C:19*24dots,1.1(W)*3.0(H)mm
Simplified / Traditional:12*24dots,1.5(W)*3.0(H)mm
(4)Remove the excess with a knife-edge machine rolls.
Button Instruction
Print parameters: Support Download Logo trademark Print
(Support bar-code types: UPC-A / UPC-E / JAN 13 (EAN13) / JAN8 (EAN8) / CODE39 / ITF / CODABAR /
CODE93 / CODE128 ; Two-dimensional code: QR CODE)
POWER(Green / Blue Light)
Chinese characters: GB Store a two-point support GB18030 24x24 large font support Taiwan, Hong Kong
Spanish: ASC11 12 × 24 points
Extended Character Table:
OEM437/Katakana/OEM850/OEM860/OEM863/OEM865/West Europe/
Greek/Hebrew/East Europe/Iran/WPC1252/OEM866/OEM852/
OEM858/IranII/Latvian/ Arabic/PT151,1251/OEM747/
FEED(Red Light)
Printer Status
Turn Off
Turned on
and no paper
Have Paper
In the case of a power, holding the FEED button ,
In the off state and the FEED button while holding down the POWER button,
and then release the POWER button for two seconds and then release the
FEED button
Paper Feed
The printer
Print Speed: 90mm/sec
Interface: USB / COM /LTP / LAN
4.Driver Installation (for USB Port)
Print Command: Compatible with ESC/POS
Print Width:57.5±0.5mm
Roll Diameter: 50 mm
Note: Please make sure the printer is turn on, and the paper is in right direction before this step.
Print Thickness: 0.06-0.08mm
1:Insert the CD driver, and find the driver in the menu (58, 80 series printer driver software),
Power: DC 12V/3A
then click it to start the installation, you will see the pictures as below which need to choose
Cash Drawer Control: DC 12V/1A
the language:
Reliability Print:100km
Contrast Humidity:10-80%
Drivers: Win 2000/ Win2003/ Win XP/ Win Vista/ Win 7/ Win 8/Win 10/ Linux
Compatible with EPSON, SAMSUNG
58 mm Thermal Receipt Printer
Operating Manual
2:Choose the language you will use, and click” OK”, you will see following picture. Click
5. Click “Next”, then you will find following picture, here choose “Install”. If your PC have any
anti virus software, please allow this install.
3:Then you will find following picture, just click “ I accept”, then “Next”:
6. After the installation, you will see the following picture, choose the system of the PC you
using and the the model of printer you using(POS 58Series Printer). Then click “USB Port
Check”. If the installation is successful , the printer will print some words to show the
installation is ok.
4. You will see following picture, you can choose the default path, also can save the driver to
anywhere you want :
58 mm Thermal Receipt Printer
7.Click “Begin Setup”,You will see following picture, choose “Install”,
Operating Manual
Select your printer port that matches the "port" option, select the printer you want to feature
in the “device settings”. In conventional option "Print Test Page" to verify that OK.
Then “install this driver anyway”
If the Test print is ok, then the printer can working now. If it shows: Error, Please click “Ports’
again, choose: USB001, or USB002 , or USB003.
5.Lan Port Settings Operating Instructions
1、Obtain the IP address of the machine through a self-test
Press and hold the printer "paper feed button (Feed)", at the same time turn on the printer,
release the FEED button after 1.5 seconds (Feed),then the printer will begin to print
a self-test, IP address of the machine to print a self-test will be listed on a single.
( The factory default setting is:
Noted: If need to modify the IP address of printer, please do it by the tool "
Printer_tools_V3.1.exe" of the enclosed CD disc.
8:When finish, please find the printer driver”pos 58” in the control panel of your PC,then
right click the “ Printer Property”, you will find the following picture
58 mm Thermal Receipt Printer
2、Set network port shown as following: Choose “Port”, then click “Add port”
Operating Manual
4. According Add Standard TCP / IP Printer Port Wizard, click Next continued following the
installation, as shown below:
5..Input IP address which you can find on the self-test page, as shown below:
3.Choose the “standard TCP / IP port”, and then click the New Port, as shown below.
6.Click next, and then you will see following picture, select the type of device --- the standard
way, and then click Next to continue the installation, as shown below:
58 mm Thermal Receipt Printer
7.According Add Standard TCP / IP Printer Port Wizard, click “Finish “to complete the installation,
as shown in the following figure:
Operating Manual
9.Return to the "General", click "Print Test Page", as shown below:
8. Find the printer driver-pos58 , Click the “Printer property”, and choose the “Ports”, select the
correct IP port, click "Apply", as shown below:
6.The operate instruction of RS232/Parallel port
6.1 For RS232 (COM)port (If you printer is rs232 port)
1.Open the Printer Properties screen, and then select the "Port" item, as shown below:
58 mm Thermal Receipt Printer
2.Select the list of ports "COM1" → "Configure Port", choose the right option. Here are our
default parameter, you can see the parameters of serial port from self-test page
Operating Manual
Click "Apply" again.
Return to the "General" tab, click "Print Test Page" as shown below:
Click "Apply", then click "OK", you will see the following picture:
(Note: This setting must consistent with the setting parameters of serial port from the
self-test page, otherwise it may print garbled words will be garbled words)
If the printer prints a normal page, then it shows that the connection is successful.
If you feel the print speed is slow, please click on the "Device Settings" → "Print Mode" →
Choose "soft font" button as shown below, then “Apply”:
58 mm Thermal Receipt Printer
6.2 Connection of Parallel port (if your choose to use parallel port)
1. Open the Printer Properties screen, and then select the "Port" item, then choose the
“LTP1”, then “Apply”, just as shown below:
Operating Manual
If the printer prints a normal page, then it shows that the work was successful.
6.3 Bluetooth port to be used (if your printer can support bluetooth function )
1: Make sure you are using the device (such as a laptop) is Bluetooth-enabled, then
activate Bluetooth, Bluetooth started successfully, you can see the computer icon
on the bottom right of the display.
2:Power on the Bluetooth printer.
3:To add the Bluetooth printer, please left-click the
- click “Add a Bluetooth
Device” , then you will enter wizard screen , please choose “My device is set up according
and ready to be found”click “Next”(showed as below).
Return to the "General" tab, click "Print Test Page" as shown below:
58 mm Thermal Receipt Printer
4:if you can see screen as below,then the device is searching the bluetooth printer,please
Operating Manual
7:if you can see the screen as below, that means the Bluetooth printer is already connected.
Please notice the assigned COM ports ,then Click”Finish”.
5:Once the Bluetooth printer is found. You can see it listed on the screen, Here, for example,
Bluetooth printer is successfully found. Please click “Bluetooth printer”, click “Next”
(Note: The Bluetooth device will automatically assign a COM port.)
8: Now if you want to test if the printer is OK to print, you could use a com tool , and send
printed data to Outgoing COM port( just as above image shown: COM5).
(Com tool setting is 9600,N,8,1.)
7.Operating Manual for Android OS
This manual applies to all of our android OS compatible printers ( both 58mm & 80mm
width printer) Currently, the common communication ports we used for android OS are ( USB
、Ethernet、Bluetooth and WiFi )
6:Choose “Let me choose my own passkey”, then enter “1234”(this is factory default
passkey, if you want to change it, you have to inform us to set the new passkey for you in
our factory before shipping),then click “Next”.
If you want to use Android Device connected with our printer, first of all make sure that
printers can be supported Android Operate System, proceed as follows ( Bluetooth as example):
Step 1:
- Insert the CD driver disc into the CD-ROM, connect your Android device with your
58 mm Thermal Receipt Printer
Operating Manual
Step 2:
2. Turn on the Bluetooth setting of IOS device , then click “POS-Printer”:
- Find the File Named “ SDK” from the CD driver, Then follow the path : “ Android SDK --BLUETOOTHDEMO ---bin---BT-POSPrinter.APK “ , and install it into your Android device.
Step 3:
- Connect your Android device with our printer once the installation done .
Step 4:
- Find this icon
on the Android device, and click “Connect Printer” to search the
Bluetooth printer, (Default pairing password for Bluetooth connection is “ 1234” ) . After the
connection successfully, click on the "Print Test Page", the printer will work.
If you use the "Ethernet interface", "USB", "WIFI" communication, replace "
BLUETOOTHDEMO" from "Step 2" into the corresponding "NETDEMO", "USBDEMO" and
"WIFIDEMO".Please noted, the customers can get all the original code from below path if
you need to develop your own APK ( Path is: src
8.Operating Manual for IOS APP
1. Download the Test Tools “POS-PrinterV1.0” from App Store,as below:
(Image 2)
3. Into the App of “POS-Printer”, select the paper width as below:
(Image 1)
(Image 3)
58 mm Thermal Receipt Printer
Operating Manual
4. Select the way of communication of printers, “Bluetooth” or “WIFI”:
(Image 4)
5, If connect with Bluetooth, then you can click “ Select Printer” first, you will search the
“Bluetooth Printer” (the default name of printer is Bluetooth Printer), click it to be
7, If above steps are successful, then you can print text to have a test:
If connect with WIFI, please make sure that your device WIFI is connected with printer
(both of them in the same Network segment). And then click the “ Connect”, enter into
the printer IP :
58 mm Thermal Receipt Printer
Operating Manual
8, Other features of this APP:
10.General Troubleshooting
① Send HEX: In the text box, enter the hexadecimal data, click “Send HEX”, then can
send text box hexadecimal data to the printer.
② Print Image mode: input data in the text box, click "Print Image mode", you will be able
to convert the contents of the text box into a image printed
③ Open Casher: If your printer is connected with the cash drawer, click "open casher",
the drawer will be opened (portable printers without drawer interface, this feature
does not work).
④ Cut paper: After click on it, the paper will be feed out and cut (portable printers, 58
series of printers without cutter, this feature does not work).
⑤ Self Test: Click the "self-test", the printer will print out a self-test page (because the
1: Why serial port printer printing messy code?
A: Ensure the baud rate setting in the PC is same as the printer baud rate. ( we can see printer
baud rate from self test page)
2: Self test page is ok,but printer does not work after driver installation.
A: Recheck the installation according to above installation wizard and see if we selected the
right port or ask service center for advice if needed.
3: Cash drawer does not open?
A: Please enable the cash drawer function from device settings and check the cable
connecting way or contact service center for advice if needed.
Bluetooth printer has been connected to the device, then the Bluetooth name or MAC
4: Malfunction of paper feeding?
address will be not displayed in the self-test page ).
A: Use soft brush to clean the paper sensor and try again or send it to the service center for
⑥ Beep: Click the "Beep", the printer will beep sound (portable printers, 58 series of
printers without buzzer, this feature does not work).
⑦ Print test page: Click the "Print Test Page", the text will print a section of the test, to
confirm that the printer is connected and normal print successfully.
9.The applicable version: can be compatible with IOS6.0 or above versions.
5: Messy code printing after a period of time
A: Interface board damaged , please replace or repair it.
6: Malfunction of the indicator light
A: Check the cable connecting way / adapter / power cord / switch on or off? Or contact the
service center for repair.
9.How to clean the print head
Cleaning the printer
7: Ethernet printer does not printer after linked with a router.
A:Make sure the network cable and router port works well, does the printer IP and router IP
are on the same network segment? Is the printer IP occupied by other device ? We can
When one of these cases occurred in the printer, you should clean the print head;
① Printing not clear;
② Some columns on the printed page is not clear;
modify the ip with the printer tools attached in the cd disc. Or contact our service center
for help.
8: Messy code printing except Arabic numeral printing.
③ Feed paper the big noise.
Print head cleaning procedure is as follows:
1. Turn off the printer, open the cover, if you have the paper, remove the paper;
2. If you have just finished printing, you should wait for the print head to cool completely;
3. With a soft cloth dipped in ethanol (should be wrung) thermal printhead chip erase surface dust \ stain;
4. Wait ethanol completely evaporated after closing the cover, re-test machine printing.
Must ensure that the power is turned off when the printer routine maintenance.
Do not touch metal objects by hand and print head surface, tweezers and other tools should not be used
to scratch the print head and the platen sensor surface.
Shall not use gasoline, acetone and other organic solvents.
A: language switching incorrectly,please use the printer tools attached in the CD disc.
Then change the language to “ASCII”.
9: Malfunction of the auto paper cutting
A: if the cutter doesn’t work, please check the printer tools -Function Set - Cutter Set, and
make sure the option is ON . Or contact the service center for help.
10: Red indicator keep flashing during the printing.
A: Usually it is due to the high temperature of the print head. Just close printer for a while
and let it cold down. Or contact the service center for help.
11: Communication interrupts and can not print if many printers work by Ethernet port at the
same time.
A: First check the network to get the printer Ethernet ID, to see if any conflicts of the Ethernet
ID. Give a specified Ethernet ID to each printer to avoid this problem.
58 mm Thermal Receipt Printer
12: Printing speed is very slow for serial printer
A: follow this path and change the set accordingly : Driver -- Properties -- Device Settings
-- Print Mode -- Print as soft font.
13: Water or other liquid spills into the printer
A: Cut off the power,we can dry the main board or printer head with a hair dryer, careful of the
temperature ( average 50 degree is ok )
14: Print paper without any content (Blank)
A: 1.If the normal print is ok but self test page is blank (no content), that mean the font is
damaged, need to replace the font chips. 2.If without any contents for both normal print
and self-test. Please replace head and try again. Or contact with service center for help.
15: Reset the printer to factory default setting.
A: Please use the printer tools to reset. “Printer tools”-”Factory Reset”
Operating Manual
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