Voltage Dip Ride-Through Solution By Using EV Second Life

Voltage Dip Ride-Through Solution By Using EV Second Life
Voltage Dip Ride-Through Solution
By Using EV Second Life Batteries
In HK Electric’s Power Distribution Network
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Ir Wilson W. S. Kwok
Ir Jason W. K. Chung
When an electric vehicle (EV) is about to retire, there is a challenge about
the disposal of its batteries. Exploring the possible application of secondlife EV batteries is important because EVs are entering the automobile
market at a tremendous rate. Although the batteries of the EVs usually
have a lifetime of 5-8 years, they have significant remaining capacity for
other applications, particularly suitable for stationary use not requiring
frequent charging/discharging cycles. We conducted a series of test on the
batteries from some retired EVs and the result indicated that there was
about 50% residual capacity with respect to the original capacity in these
batteries. This gives us an opportunity to deploy the second-life EV
batteries in other applications with an aim to avoiding early scrapping of
these useful batteries and fully utilizing the total capacity of the batteries
throughout their lifetime.
The Hongkong Electric Co. Ltd. (hereafter HK Electric) was founded in
1889 and is one of the longest established power companies in the world.
HK Electric is committed to delivering green and world-class electricity
supply at an affordable price for the betterment of Hong Kong. In our
proposal, the EV second life batteries are used as an energy storage of a
market Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with a specially designed
Battery Management System at a HK Electric distribution substation to
protect or back up the critical load of the customers during voltage dips or
short-duration supply interruption caused by a power system faults, i.e. a
ride-through solution.
In this paper, the major challenges of applying our ride-through solution are
identified and properly addressed.
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