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Microboards PF-Pro Disc Printer
Price: $2,995
Microboards PF-Pro Disc Printer
A member of the MX production series, the PFPro is the print only version of the new MX series
of industrial publishing equipment. Utilizing the
same HP technology, the PF-Pro offers low costper-print.
Using Microboards patented disc singulation
technology, the PF-Pro has enhanced loading and
unloading for seamless operation. With a 100 disc
input capacity, the PF-Pro is ideal for unattended
operation Just load the discs and let it do the rest!
Using the latest HP inkjet technology, the MX
Series’ disc printer uses separate ink cartridges to
achieve high speed, high quality, and low costper-print. C,M,Y, (cyan, magenta, yellow) and
black cartridges eliminate waste while together
printing a massive 1000 discs! Light or text only
discs come in at 2 cents per print, while full coverage discs are around .09 to .16 cents.
Includes simple label software. Use a point-andclick application to design your label or import
your label from Photoshop directly to the software.
• HP inkjet printing technology
• 4800 dpi printing resolution
• .09 to .16 cents per disc, full-color, full-coverage
• 100 disc capacity
• Full set of ink cartridges
• Both print heads
• Prassi Zulu2 disc mastering software
(Win 2K/XP/Vista)
• Charismac Discribe (Mac)
• SureThing label design software
(Win 2K/XP/Vista)
Mac Requirements
• OS 10.4 or above
• G5 Power PC Processor
PC Requirements
• Windows 2000 SP4
• Windows XP Pro SP2
• Windows XP Home
• Windows Vista
• P4 3.0 Ghz or higher
USB 2.0 (Win 2K, XP, Vista, and Mac)
One year warranty with full technical support
877.893.8273 • WWW.TAPEONLINE.COM
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