popcorn machine instructions
****Note: when loading machine, if you must lay it on it’s side, REMOVE
kettle first. If not removed you could break one of the window panels on the
unit and would be responsible for replacing it.****
1. Turn all switches “ON”.
2. First batch ONLY: Let kettle heat about 10 minutes.
3. Add bag of popcorn oil and seasoning combination.
4. Dump when popcorn is about 99% complete.
5. Repeat steps 3 & 4.
6. Final batch ONLY: Turn kettle heat switch “OFF” as soon as
corn starts popping rapidly (to raise kettle lid).
WARNING: Keep kettle switch “OFF” when not popping corn!
If machine begins to burn popcorn, let the kettle cool down.
Remove all popcorn from the kettle and inspect for any kernels
that have been lodged in the way of the turning rod or
underneath the center pole which holds the turning rod.
1. Do NOT submerge kettle!
2. Finish popping last batch. Please do not bring machine
back with unpopped or half popped popcorn in the kettle
(unless the machine malfunctions) or you WILL be
3. Wipe kettle as clean as possible with a damp cloth.
4. Party Plus will fully clean and sanitize the kettle when it is
returned to the store
5. You are responsible for cleaning the windows and basin.
Make sure you clean all popped popcorn out of bottom of
machine basin.
Any Questions, please call Party Plus at 478-3116 during
business hours.
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