Attention: Bike Theft Protection Safety Tips

Attention: Bike Theft Protection Safety Tips
Safety Tips
Attention: Bike Theft Protection
As you may or may not know, bicycle theft is our largest security
threat on campus. Beach cruisers and expensive mountain/racing
bikes are by far the most targeted. That being said, the Campus
Public Safety office would like to provide you with some safety
tips (located on the backside) to help protect your bicycle from
being stolen.
Please be advised Vanguard University is not the only campus
affected; bike thefts are frequent among college campuses
throughout Orange County, including Orange Coast College which
is also located in Costa Mesa. Thus, it’s important that you take
personal responsibility for the safety of your personal property.
We are also partnering with the Campus Bookstore, who is selling
U-locks for $24.95 – the same quality and price as locks from local
bike shops.
Check out these websites below for more information:
To Purchase Bike Locks:
How to properly lock up your bicycle:
1) Buy a U-lock! – The best way to protect your bicycle from
being stolen it to lock it up with a U-lock. Cables and chains may
deter some people, but thieves can easily cut through even the
best cable locks. Your best bet is to buy a U-lock from companies
like Master Lock, Krytonite and OnGuard. Though U-locks can
cost more, they often come with anti-theft protection offers that
you can register for once you purchase the lock. Renter’s
insurance and homeowner’s insurance may even cover the cost
of the stolen bike, so ask your insurance agent. If your bicycle
was recently purchased with a credit card, you may also have
purchase protection through your credit card provider.
2) Use the lock correctly! – To properly lock-up a bicycle using a
U-lock, remove the front tire of the bike and place it adjacent to
the rear tire. Next, run the U-lock through both tires, the bike
frame (VERY important!), and a stationary bike rack. Whenever
you lock up your bike, make sure that the lock cannot be slipped
off and never lock your bike to items that can be easily cut,
broken or removed (i.e. aluminum/wood posts or chain link
For some bikes, it may be difficult or time consuming to remove
the front tire. In this case, you can use a U-lock to lock up the
back tire and frame to a bike rack, while using a cable or another
U-lock to lock the front tire to the bike frame. Some bicycle
owners may even want to lock up their seats.
3) Pick a good location! – Lock up your bike in well lit areas and
near other bicycles. Bicycles that are locked up in dark, remote
places are easy targets for thieves.
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