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ZK-TX628 Setup.pages
ZK-TX628 timeclock
This guide is intended to provide you with a quick setup and operations guide for the
ZKTeco TX628 stand-alone timeclock.
This device is not suitable for multiple entry/exit points without expensive additional software, but can
be used where staff are geographically separated (different branch, depot etc.)
You *may* have a CD included with your timeclock, however the software and documentation it
contains are barely usable and not required to use the TX628 with your payroll.
TX628 timeclock
This clock records the fingerprint characteristics (biometrics) of each user, and can also
have an RFID card or key fob assigned if preferred (the administrator should have a card
assigned so that the system can be controlled using the card when the administrator is
The TX628 can hold up to 3200 fingerprints and 80000
attendance transactions.
All setting operations are easily done using the [M/OK]
button and by selecting actions displayed on the colour
screen by using the arrow keys and the [M/OK] or [ESC]
Attendance data is exported via the USB port, then
imported into SmoothPay for payroll processing.
PLEASE make sure you backup your clock after any setup operation to protect the
contents in case of any device failure. We also recommend you backup your clock after
collecting time entries (both operations are performed directly to a connected USB drive
(data stick).
Smoothpay/Gold Payroll - www.smoothpaygold.com
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Setup checklist
The following KEY items need to be understood to make sense of the shortcut procedures
that follow:
is the administrator fingerprint or Admin card (supplied)
If there is no administrator configured on your device then [M/OK] will go direct to
menu options
is the badge number assigned to an employee and paired with a card/tag/fingerprint/
This must match the badge # in your payroll (e.g. Contract..Badge)
is the proximity card or tag or fingerprint or PIN number assigned to an employee
Quick set procedures
These are the typical processes required in setting up and extracting data from your
Set time
Set IP Address
Backup Clock to USB
Export clocking data to
USB stick
Enroll employee
Import into SmoothPay
, System, Date Time
, COMM, Ethernet…
, Data Manager, Backup
Data, Backup to USB Disk, Backup start
, USB Manager,
Download, Attendance Data, All
, User mgt, New user,
Make sure Date Format=YYYY-MM-DD
and 24-hour time is ON
Required if connecting to your network.
Do not use DHCP, set fixed IP address.
SmoothPay and/or the attendance
software supplied with the clock may use
this address to communicate with the
Backup Content should be set to both
Business Data and System Data
The default is just the current day..we
suggest using the All option or a smaller
subset of data if required
Follow the prompts on the clock screen…
User ID set to
[press M/OK to edit
user ID - use allocation list below], Set name
and user-role (user or admin).
Make sure that at least one employee is
also set as an administrator by fingerprint
and/or additional RFID card (apart from
the one supplied for Admin access)
settings: Enrol 1 (or more)
fingerprints for the employee and/or an RFID
Card (they call this Badge Number - this is NOT
the employee number). Password is optional
(not recommended)
Do not re-use the Admin RFID card for a
live employee! It is supplied in case you
need to access your timeclock when the
real admin employee is absent.
SmoothPay Gold (desktop) use
goPayroll (online) use Payrun..Import..ZKTeco
Your attlog.dat file will be scanned for
dates specified (or that apply to your
pay period) and an audit report
produced - full guide available on site
Smoothpay/Gold Payroll - www.smoothpaygold.com
If you cannot access your clock you
will have to perform a factory reset and
start setup again.
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Example new employee screenshot
Select item to change using the
arrow keys, press M/OK to
change or record
Employee badge numbers
We suggest you print an employee listing and allocate the BADGE numbers on that.
Alternatively, enter your employee list here and allocate numbers as needed.
Employee name (or use a list printed from SmoothPay)
Smoothpay/Gold Payroll - www.smoothpaygold.com
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