Baby teeth - Healthy Learn. Health Education

Baby teeth - Healthy Learn. Health Education
Baby teeth
The ideal time for a child to visit the
dentist is 6 months after the child’s
first teeth appear. During this initial
visit, a dentist will be able to examine
the development of the child’s mouth.
Babies may have dental problems,
such as teething irritations, gum
disease, and prolonged thumb or
pacifier sucking.
The sooner the child visits a dentist,
the better, says the Academy of
General Dentistry in offering these
other tips:
• Clean your infant’s gums with a
clean, damp cloth twice a day.
• Ask your dentist when you
may begin to rub a tiny dab of
toothpaste on your child’s gums.
Doing so will help your child
become accustomed to the flavor
of toothpaste.
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• As soon as the first teeth come in,
begin brushing them with a small,
soft-bristled toothbrush and a peasized dab of fluoride toothpaste.
• Help a young child brush at night.
This is the most important time to
brush, due to lower salivary flow
during sleep and higher risk for
cavities and plaque.
• By about age 5, your child can learn
to brush his or her teeth with proper
help from an adult.
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