Patient GuidE to Surgery

Patient GuidE to Surgery
Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night
before your surgery. This includes gum, mints, water,
ice chips, etc. Your stomach must be empty or you
could get sick.
Tobacco use is not permitted in any St. Francis
building or on our grounds, including parking areas.
The day before your surgery, drink plenty of noncaffeinated fluids unless instructed otherwise.
Children may bring a small blanket or toy with them.
If you have been told to take any of your medication,
take it with a small sip of water before coming to the
hospital. You may brush your teeth, but don’t swallow
any water.
If you are feeling sick before your surgery, call your
surgeon. He or she will tell you what to do. If you
are sick on the day of your surgery and your surgery
is scheduled at St. Francis DOWNTOWN, call
864-255-1073. If your surgery is scheduled at
St. Francis EASTSIDE, call 864-675-4538.
Do not shave your surgical site unless instructed
otherwise by your surgeon. Shaving the surgical
area may increase the risk of a surgical site
infection and cause cancellation of your surgery.
You will be given a bathing product or soap. Please
follow the instructions given to you by the nurse
during your Pre-Assessment Visit.
Your surgical site will be marked prior to surgery.
You must have a responsible adult to drive you
to the hospital, stay at the hospital during your
surgery, and drive you home. You should have
someone stay with you for the first 24 hours after
your surgery. If he or she is at the hospital but leaves
the waiting area, tell them to let the secretary know
and provide a phone number where they can be
reached. Please understand that these instructions are
for your safety and comfort. If they aren’t followed,
your procedure may be cancelled.
One to two family members may stay with you after you
are prepped for your surgery. Space is limited, so
additional guests may have to wait in the designated
waiting areas. A parent must stay with children under age
18 at all times. Both parents may stay with children
13 years and younger.
If you are to stay in the hospital after your surgery, your
room will be assigned after the surgery is over.
Leave your money and your wallet or purse at home.
Jewelry must be removed prior to your surgery, so it
is best to leave it at home.
If you wear glasses, contact lenses, dentures and/or
Hearing aids, they will be removed prior to surgery.
Do not wear any makeup that covers your natural
skin color, including mascara, and nail polish. Do not
wear any cologne, perfume, lotions, powders or oils on
your chest, legs, or near the surgical/procedural site.
Deodorant is acceptable in most cases.
Date of Surgery: ___________________________ Location of Surgery: _____________________________ Time of arrival for surgery: A nurse will call you between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm the business day before your surgery to tell you the time you should arrive. Your arrival time will be different than your surgery time. St Francis Eastside: call (864) 675‐4538 if you have not received a call by 5:oo pm the day before your surgery. St Francis Downtown: call (864) 255‐1073 if you have not received a call by 5:00 pm the day before your surgery. AFTER YOUR SURGERY
After your surgery, you will be monitored closely until
you are awake. (This can take 45 minutes to 2 hours).
If you need something for pain, please ask your nurse.
If it is OK with your doctor, you will be given something
to drink and allowed to sit up at the bedside after you
are awake. While you are recovering, the doctor will talk
to your family.
If you are going home, the nurses will give your family/
friend discharge instructions to let you know what you
can do, when to call the doctor, and how to take care
of yourself after surgery. Then you will be allowed to go
You must have a responsible adult to drive you
home after your surgery and who is able to stay
with you for the first 24 hours.
Sometimes infections happen regardless of all the
precautions taken.
Sleep on clean, freshly washed sheets. Use clean, freshly
washed towels and washcloths when you shower. Wear clean
pajamas to bed.
Do not allow pets to sleep with you or touch your surgical
Smoking delays wound healing. This may be a good
time to stop smoking.
And remember, hand washing is the most important
thing you and your caregivers can do to prevent
Your doctor may give you a prescription for pain or
other medication.
The average length of time from the end of your
procedure until you go home varies. (It could be 1-4
hours). The medications you are given will make it unsafe for you to be alone. You will feel tired and even a little
Medication may also make you unsteady or slow to react
for up to 48 hours after your surgery.
Do not go back to work, drive or be out and about until
you have checked with your doctor.
Practice deep breathing. Take 10 slow deep breaths every
hour when you are awake. Turn from side to side every
2 hours.
Drink lots of fluids if your doctor says you can. Light
meals such as soup and crackers, Jell-o, and soda or juice
are recommended the first day.
Walk. This will help your body get working again.
Be sure to have help the first time you get up.
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