Siemens System-Interface 1, GB

Siemens System-Interface 1, GB


[email protected] System Interface

Safety information

❑ The system interface complies with the safety specifications for electrical appliances.

Repairs may only be carried out by customer service engineers trained by the manufacturer. Inexpert repairs can cause serious hazards.

❑ Never open the device casing under any circumstances. The manufacturer will not accept any liability for damage resulting from improper handling.

❑ Do not use the device if you have discovered transit damage or if the device is damaged.

❑ Keep the instructions in a safe place. If you pass on the device, also give the new owner the instructions.

❑ Thunderstorms are a danger to all electrical devices. A lightning strike to the mains can damage the system interface. During thunderstorms you must disconnect the home appliance and the system interface from the mains.


Safety information

❑ Protect the system interface from moisture and water. Should the system interface become wet, it may not be inserted in the home appliance under any circumstances. Dab the system interface dry and then let it dry out for at least 24 hours.

Only use it once it is completely dry.

❑ Do not use or store the system interface in a dusty or dirty environment.

❑ Do not use the system interface in damp rooms such as basements or garages.

❑ Do not store the system interface in hot places. High temperatures can shorten the service life of electronic devices.

❑ Do not store the system interface in cold places. If it then warms up to its normal operating temperature, condensation may form inside it, damaging its electronics.

❑ Do not drop the system interface and do not subject it to impacts or shocks. Careless handling can damage the circuit boards inside the device.


The system interface

❑ The system interface (HZ 319000) is the communications module for your [email protected] appliance. For every [email protected] appliance you require one system interface.

❑ The system interface enables the control and transmission of status and warning messages from the [email protected] appliance via the domestic mains network

(power line).

❑ Operating the system interface requires you to have a [email protected] appliance and the [email protected] system components (infoModule, and/or a gateway + power line interface) and that you have successfully registered the system interface on one of the [email protected] system components. (Please refer to the corresponding chapter in the operating manual of the [email protected] system components).

❑ The system interface shows its operating status with an LED.

❑ Data is transmitted from the system interface to the [email protected] system components via the normal mains electricity network. No additional wiring is necessary.

❑ You can find detailed information on the [email protected] range of domestic appliances at or


Overview of the system interface

❑ The system interface shows its operating status with an LED.

❑ Various flashing codes are displayed.

❑ If the button is pressed the system interface is reset to the default factory settings and the home appliance is immediately removed from the power line network.




Getting started

Initial setup


The system interface has not yet been operated with a [email protected] appliance and needs to be registered with a [email protected] system component.

Always install built-in appliances after they have been registered.


Start up the [email protected] system components (infoModule, gateway + power line interface, CBB-SI) in accordance with the corresponding [email protected] operating manual until you are requested to insert the system interface.


Disconnect the [email protected] appliance in which you wish to plug the system interface from the electricity mains.


Please conduct the remaining installation steps as described in the corresponding [email protected] operating manual.


Renewed installation


The system interface has already been operated with a [email protected] appliance and needs to be registered with new a [email protected] system component.

Example: Other/new gateway, CBB-SI or infoModule or the reset command has been executed with the [email protected] components.

Always install built-in appliances after they have been registered.


Start up the [email protected] system components (infoModule, gateway + power line interface, CBB-SI) in accordance with the corresponding [email protected] operating manual until you are requested to insert the system interface.


Disconnect the [email protected] appliance in which you wish to plug the system interface from the electricity mains.


Please conduct the remaining installation steps as described in the corresponding [email protected] operating manual.


Renewed installation


The menu guidance for the [email protected] components requests you to reconnect the home appliance to the electricity mains. Please observe the LED.


The LED glows and then flashes slowly.

Now please press the button on the system interface and hold it down for approx.

3 seconds.


Switch on the [email protected] appliance.


Please conduct the remaining installation steps as described in the corresponding [email protected] operating manual.


Operation with the system interface


The system interface is constantly connected to the electricity mains and can only be completely isolated from the electricity mains by pulling out the mains plug of the [email protected] appliance or by switching off the corresponding device fuse in the fuse box.

To ensure that you always receive warning and status messages from your [email protected] appliance on the [email protected] system components you should never disconnect the [email protected] appliance from the electricity mains.

The button


If the button is pressed, the system interface is reset to the default factory settings.

Afterwards it must be registered again on the [email protected] system components.


The various LED displays

❑ The LED flashes slowly:

The system is searching for [email protected] system components.

❑ The LED flashes briefly in regular intervals:

The search for [email protected] system components was successful.

❑ The LED flashes very quickly:

No [email protected] system components were found.

❑ The LED glows constantly:

The system interface is defective and must be replaced.

❑ The LED is constantly off:

No power supply.



Problem: The LED flashes slowly for more than 10 minutes.

Cause: The search for [email protected] system components was not successful.

Remedy: Disconnect the [email protected] appliance from the electricity mains for 5 seconds.

If the LED of the system interface still does not switch to quick flashing after

10 minutes, look for possible electrical faults (see following notes).


Problems with the system communication are often caused by the electronically timed power packs, these are usually the electronic power packs of halogen lamps.

The power packs of PCs or laptops can also cause interference.

Power-saving lamps can also cause problems. It often helps if you use a different brand.

The problems are normally limited to the direct vicinity of the interference source.




The [email protected] system complies to European standard 50065-1, which specifies the permitted frequencies and signal strengths for communication via the power line.

Customer service can help you locate sources of electrical interference.

Unfortunately, other devices such as electronic power packs or power-saving lamps are not tested for possible interference in the range specified for power line communication.

Problem: The LED flashes very quickly after 10 minutes.

Cause: No [email protected] system components found

Remedy: Repeat registration at a [email protected] system component (please refer to the operating manual of your corresponding [email protected] system component, infoModule, gateway).



Problem: The LED glows constantly.

Cause: The system interface is defective.

Remedy: Replace the system interface.


Please refer to the chapter on de-registering home appliances in the operating manual for the [email protected] components.

Problem: The LED is constantly off.

Cause: No power supply.

Remedy: Check

– If the mains plug of the [email protected] appliance is properly inserted

– If the fuse is switched on

– If the system interface is inserted up to its stop limit in the slot of the [email protected] appliance.


Customer service

Before you call customer service, please check that you cannot rectify the problem yourself

(see page 10 ff.).

If you call an engineer, you will be charged a fee, even during the guarantee period.

You can find your nearest customer service centre on the list provided. Please tell customer service the product number (E-Nr.) and the production number (FD) of the device.


Product number


Production number

Note the number of your device here.

By stating the product number and production number, you help save unnecessary journeys and the extra cost involved.

Declaration of conformity The compliance of the device with EN50065-1 2002,

EN50065-2-1 2003, EN50065-7 2002, EN55366-2002

(EMF ElectroMagnetic Field), EN60950-1 2003, EN61000-3-3 2001 and DIN VDE 620-1 2002 is confirmed by the CE label.



Customer service

Central workshop

The direct route if your device needs repairing.

Simply send the device to:

BSH Hausgeräte Service GmbH

Zentralwerkstatt Kleine Hausgeräte

Witschelstraße 104

D-90431 Nürnberg

Service tel.

+49 (0)1801 – 33 53 03

Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., local rate

Service fax +49 (0)911/31 20 201

Service e-mail [email protected]

Family line +49 (0)1805–54 74 36


€ 0.12/min. DTAG)

For product information and questions on operating [email protected];

Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Ordering accessories and spare parts

You can call us round the clock, 365 days a year, at the inexpensive local rate.

Spare parts telephone

+49 (0)1801 – 33 53 04

Spare parts fax +49 (0)1801 – 33 53 08

Spare parts e-mail [email protected]

Internet service

Here you can find information on products and services, as well as the addresses and opening times of our service shops. You can also order spare parts and accessories. Visit our Internet site:

Environmental protection

Packaging and disposal

Your system interface was protected on its way to you by its packaging. All the materials used are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Please help by disposing of the packaging in an environmentally responsible manner.

Used devices are not worthless waste. If recycled, they can yield valuable raw materials.

Before disposing of the device, make sure it cannot be used or label it “scrap”.

Ask your specialist dealer or local authority about recycling points.

This device is labelled according to the European directive 2002/96/EC on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

The directive outlines the return and recycling of waste equipment across the EU.


Guarantee conditions

Valid in the Federal Republic of Germany

The conditions listed below, which define the prerequisites and scope of our guarantee services, do not affect the guarantee obligations of the retailer as specified in the sales contract concluded with the end consumer.

We guarantee this device according to the following conditions:

1. We will repair device faults free of charge in accordance with the following conditions (no. 2 - 6) and which are due to material and/or manufacturing errors free of charge, if the are reported to us without delay once they are detected and within 24 months of delivery to the end consumer (12 months for commercial or equivalent usage). If the fault occurs in the first 6 months after delivery, it is assumed that it is a material or manufacturing defect.

2. The guarantee does not cover parts which are easily broken such as glass, plastic or light bulbs.

There is no guarantee obligation for minor deviations from the target characteristics which have no bearing on the value or usefulness of the device, or for damage caused by chemical or electrochemical effects of water as well as from abnormal weather conditions or incorrect operating conditions or if the device comes into contact with any other unsuitable materials. No guarantee can be made if the device fault can be traced back to transport damage for which we are not responsible or incorrect installation and assembly, incorrect use, lack of care or failure to observe operating or assembly instructions.


Guarantee conditions

The guarantee is invalidated if repairs or alterations are made to the device by persons who have not been authorised to do so by us, or if our devices have been equipped with spare or additional parts or accessories which are not original parts.

3. The guarantee services will be performed by the replacement or repair (depending on our choice) of defective parts free of charge. Devices which can be transported within reason (e.g. in a car) and for which a guarantee claim is being made under the terms of this guarantee should be handed over or sent to the nearest customer service centre. On-site repairs can only be requested for stationary (fixed) devices.

The purchase receipt with the date of purchase/delivery must be presented. The parts replaced become our property.

4. If the improvements are rejected or fail to rectify the fault, the end consumer can request a replacement unit with the same value within the guarantee period mentioned above.

In cases of the delivery of replacement units we reserve the right to enforce a charge, calculated for the time of use to that date.

5. Guarantee claims do not cause the guarantee period to be extended, nor does the guarantee time begin anew. The guarantee period for the spare parts installed ends with the guarantee period for the entire device.


Guarantee conditions

6. Subsequent or other claims, in particular those which relate to damage which did not arise during operation of the device are excluded from the terms of this guarantee unless stated otherwise in law.

These guarantee conditions apply for devices purchased in Germany. If devices are transported abroad, which have the technical prerequisites for the country in question (e.g. voltage, frequency, gas types, etc.) and which are suitable for the climate or ambient conditions in these countries, these guarantee conditions also apply if we have a customer service network in the country in question. The guarantee conditions stipulated by the national branches apply to devices purchased abroad. These can be obtained from the specialist dealer from whom you bought the device or directly from our national branches.

Please note our other customer services:

Our customer service and our service partners remain at your disposal after the guarantee period.

Siemens-Electrogeräte GmbH

Carl-Wery-Str. 34 / 81739 München // Germany

Siemens-Electrogeräte GmbH

Carl-Wery-Str. 34

D-81739 München

46/05 Mat.No. 5560005448

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