Bottle Feeding (parent provides milk)

Bottle Feeding (parent provides milk)
BOTTLE FEEDING POLICY AND PROCEDURE where the parent provides the milk
The children’s individual needs will be discussed with parents to ensure that they are met. Feeds
will be prepared as and when they are required by the babies and not as part of the nursery routine.
All staff must ensure that they have washed their hands thoroughly prior to making or giving a feed.
A suitable sterilised bottle, which should be clearly labelled with the baby’s name will be used for
feeds. Staff will ensure that the ‘Daily Formula Milk Preparation Sheet’ is filled in accordingly. Staff
should record the amount of formula consumed by the baby in the baby’s diary so that the parent
can be informed of the child’s intake for that day.
Parents should bring the formula into nursery in purpose-made containers which allows the parent
to measure out each feed individually. This container should be clearly labelled with the child’s
name and brought into the nursery along with the pre-sterilised bottle which should also be clearly
labelled with the child’s name.
When bottles need to be prepared staff should adhere to the following procedures:
1. Empty the kettle and refill with cold tap water to the level required.
2. Boil the kettle and leave untouched until the water has been cooled to 70°C. This should
take 20-25 minutes. Ensure that the kettle is not re-boiled during this cooling down period.
3. Clean and disinfect the surface that is being used for the milk preparation.
4. Once the water has cooled to 70°C staff should then remove the teat and lid as one unit
from the bottles and fill each bottle to the required level.
5. Each bottle should then have the formula for one feed added to it ensuring that the name
on the bottle and the name on the formula container match. The teat (with the lid attached)
should then be placed back onto the bottle and the bottle shaken vigorously until all of the
formula has dissolved.
6. The temperature of the feed should be tested before it is given to the baby. Staff should
test the temperature on the inside of their wrist. The milk should be at body temperature. It
should feel warm or cool on the skin but never hot. If the feed needs to be cooled down
then this should be done by running the bottom half of the bottle under a cold tap with the
lid and teat in place.
7. Once the feed is at the correct temperature it may be given to the baby.
8. Any milk left over from the feed should be discarded and the bottle rinsed out and resterilised.
During a feed babies will never be left unsupervised. A member of staff (if possible their key person)
should hold the baby and sit on the sofa in the baby room. Staff are not required to wear gloves or
aprons when feeding bottles to babies as it is important to make them feel comfortable and to feed
them in a ‘home like’ environment.
We welcome parents who are breast feeding their children into the nursery and make every effort to
accommodate their needs. We can also accept breast milk that has been expressed and are able to
store this milk as advised by the parent.
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