Using Drop Box
OWL: Using Drop Box
Using Drop Box
Drop Box allows you to privately share files with individual students. When the
tool is added to your site, a folder is automatically created for each student. The
Drop Box tool functions similarly to the Resources tool. In this guide, you will
learn to:
A. Navigate Drop Box
B. Upload a File
C. Create a Folder
A. Navigate Drop Box
On the main Drop Box page, a folder
for each student is listed. Within each
student’s folder, both the instructor and
the student can upload files and create
Please Note: in OWL’s Drop Box, there is no mechanism to share files with
multiple students - it is only for sharing files on an individual basis.
1. To expand all student folders to see the files inside, click on the
icon in the header row of the folder list.
2. Set a visual notification for recently updated folders through the “Highlight
individual dropboxes with recent changes” drop-down menu.
Folders with recent changes will show a star in the top-right corner. A plus sign
on the folder indicates file(s) inside. Click "Add" to add items to a Drop Box (see
part B below)
OWL: Using Drop Box
B. Upload a File
1. To upload a file, click on the “Add” box beside the folder
you wish to add the file to and select “Upload Files”.
2. On the Upload Files page, click on the “Browse” button
to browse to the file on your computer. The file name will
automatically be placed in the “Display Name” box and
can be altered to suit your needs.
3. In the “Copyright Status” drop-down menu, select a
status for your file. You are required to enter a copyright
status for each item. The “More Info” link will take you to
Western University’s copyright website.
Please Note: The
maximum size that an
Instructor can upload at
one time is 1024MB
4. If you wish to upload another file, click the “Add Another File” link. You can
also drag and drop multiple files into the upload space to upload at once.
5. If you wish to send an email notification to the student about the file, check the
“Send an email notification to the user” box.
C. Create a Folder
Creating folders can help to keep files organized. To create
a folder, click on the “Add” box and select “Create
1. On the Create Folders page, enter the name for the folder
in the “Folder Name” box.
2. If you wish to create another folder, click on the “Add
Another Folder” link. A second text box will appear.
3. When you have finished, click the “Create Folders Now”
You will be returned to
the main Drop Box
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