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IntroductIon - Fantasy Flight Games
Using this Expansion
The individual components of this expansion are added to the
general mix of components in the core World of Warcraft: The
Adventure Game box, as detailed below.
The character in this pack is simply added to the mix of
characters available for selection at the beginning of the game.
If a player chooses to play as this character, he collects the
associated figure, ability deck, character cards, and character
tokens just as he would any other character at the start of the
game. If no one chooses to use this character, the rest of the
expansion may still be integrated as described below.
In the world of Warcraft, there are many heros and many perils.
As each foe falls a new enemy is revealed; as each hero falters a
new champion stands forth. Now, four new heroes have risen to
take their places in the Hall of Legends!
This World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game character pack
contains a completely new character, as well as new quests,
discoveries, and encounters to enhance the game! While each
character pack can be individually integrated into World of
Warcraft: The Adventure Game, many exciting new game
elements can be discovered by adding all four.
Component List
Each World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game character pack
This Rules Sheet
1 Plastic Character Figure
4 Character Cards
23 Ability Cards
7 Grey Challenge Cards
7 Green Challenge Cards
7 Yellow Challenge Cards
7 Red Challenge Cards
2 Starting Quests
2 Advanced Quests
9 Character Tokens
4 Discovery Tokens
2 Totem Tokens (Zowka Shattertusk only)
The encounter and quest cards in this wave of character pack
expansions are each marked with a symbol that corresponds to
the individual character pack in which that card can be found.
The symbols are as follows:
Artumnis Moondream, Night Elf Druid
Brandon Lightstone, Human Paladin
Dongon Swiftblade, Troll Rogue
Zowka Shattertusk, Orc Shaman
Quests, Discoveries, and Challenge Cards
Regardless of whether or not this character is chosen, the
included quest and challenge cards are simply shuffled into
the appropriate decks at the start of the game. Likewise, the
discovery tokens are mixed into the pool of available discoveries.
New Rules
The following new rules describe new components in this wave
of expansions.
Start of Turn Effects
Effects such as the Druid and Paladin character card abilities
that refer to the “Start of your turn” must be resolved before the
movement phase begins. Players must resolve start of turn effects
before they roll the movement die. If there are multiple start
of turn effects that must be resolved, the active character may
resolve them in any order.
Shaman Totems
The Shaman character, Zowka Shattertusk, has
two totem tokens – an earth totem (green) and
a water totem (blue). When she plays an Earth
Totem or a Water Totem ability card, she places
the appropriate totem token in her space. While the
card remains in play, the totem token has certain
game effects as described on the ability card. If a
Totem ability card is discarded or otherwise removed from play, the
associated totem token is removed from the game board. If Zowka
is defeated, all of her Totem ability cards in play are discarded and
all her totem tokens are removed from the game board.
Improved Abilities on Items
Some items have improved abilities, which function similarly
to those found on ability cards. Such items may be equipped
as normal (i.e., the character must be at least the same level as
the item card). If the character has at least the required level
indicated by the improved ability (e.g., “Improved Yellow”
abilities are only available to yellow- or red-level characters),
then the improved ability text may be used in addition to the rest
of the card.
Attached Encounters
When an encounter card becomes attached to a character, it ceases
to be an encounter card and is no longer susceptible to effects that
target encounter cards or that target cards in a given space. These
cards otherwise follow the normal rules for attached cards.
Discovery Token Summary
These summaries refer to the active character as “you.”
Gold: When revealed, keep this token. You may
discard it when in a city to gain one item of your
level or lower.
Hearthstone: When revealed, keep this token. You
may discard it instead of moving normally to move
to the city of your choice.
Far Sight: When revealed, keep this token. You may
discard it during your movement phase to look at
any other discovery on the board. Either discard the
discovery or place it back in its space.
Goblin Rocket Boots: When revealed, keep this
token. You may discard it to reroll a movement or
combat die you just rolled.
Traveling Merchant: When revealed, keep this
token. You may discard it during your movement
phase to take any item from under any other
character’s bag token. That character may then take
a different item out of your bag.
Lucky Charm: When revealed, keep this token. You
may discard it when any player reveals a discovery
token to cancel and discard it without effect.
Robotic Homing Chicken: When revealed, keep this
token. During your movement step, you may place it
on one of your active quests, where it counts as either
a character token or a damage token as appropriate. If
this completes the quest, discard any character tokens
associated with that quest and discard this discovery.
Dragonbait: When revealed, keep this token. You
may discard it during your movement step to flip an
encounter marker within one space to its other side
(normal or red).
Gnomish Mind Control Cap: When revealed, keep
this token. You may discard it after an opponent
places a discovery to force him to place that
discovery in a different space of your choice, instead.
Ambush: If you have a combat this turn, your
opponent’s attack receives +1 damage and is
considered a ranged attack.
Disease: Place this on your character card. Your
maximum health value is decreased by 1. Discard
this token the next time you are defeated, or if you
activate a large healing potion resource.
Bomb: You are dealt 2 damage.
Dimensional Ripper: You are immediately moved
to the city of your choice. Then, resolve any other
discoveries in your previous space. Remember that
you skip your encounter step while in a city.
Lockbox: You will not receive the reward for any
encounters defeated this turn (discard it instead).
Bottomless Bag: Discard an item of your choice
from your bag.
Hex: Flip your character card to its starting side. You
may not flip your character card again this turn.
Expansion Pack Design: Daniel Lovat Clark
Producer & Core Game Design: Corey Konieczka
Editing: Mark O’Connor, Sam Stewart, and Jeff Tidball
Graphic Design: WiL Springer and Brian Schomberg
Icon Retouch Art: Tim Arney-O’Neil
Lead Playtester: Mike Zebrowski
Playtesters: Wade Altmeier, Scott Berry, Dennis Bodman,
Brett Cuneo, Rob Fosnaugh, JR Godwin, Eric Lang, Mark
O’Connor, WiL Springer, Sam Stewart, Jordan Stroup, Neil
Thomson, Thomas Walsh
Production Manager: Gabe Laulunen
Executive Developer: Jeff Tidball
Publisher: Christian T. Petersen
Blizzard Entertainment
False Map: The opponent to your right may move
your character up to two spaces in any direction.
Then resolve any other discoveries in your previous
space and proceed to your challenge step.
Lead Developer: Shawn Carnes
Art Director: Glenn Rane
Developers: Ben Brode, Sean Wang, and Bob Richardson
Director of Global Business Development & Licensing:
Cory Jones
Licensing Managers: Gina Pippin and Ben George
Special Thanks: Chris Metzen
Power Drain: Discard two random ability cards
from your hand.
© 2008 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Warcraft, World of Warcraft and Blizzard
Entertainment are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., in the U.S. and/or
other countries. All other trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners.
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