Marcom Briefing

Marcom Briefing
Marcom Briefing
Wake-up Light
What we stand for:
We want to make peoples life easier and better, through solutions that are easy to experience, advanced and designed
around them.
Brand Personality
Insightful, surprisingly clever, clear
Target audience
Brief focus:
Women 30-50
Busy urban life
Well-educated (college degree above)
Mindful of healthy living and life style, those who take care of themselves
Working or taking care of kids at home
Interest into health long term investment
Extended target group VPH
The target audience has difficulty waking up and need time to become fully awake (numerous snooze and / or long shower - but not with
sleep disorder). They are working or care taker (so they have to get up at a certain time every morning) and have an average or above
average income. They are open for new (technological) solutions.
Key Consumer Insight
Category positioning:
When it’s sunny outside I feel so naturally energetic and alive. I wish that feeling could stay with me every day.
Product Insight
The best waking up experience is when I wake up naturally on a sunny day. The sunlight is shining through the window and it gradually fills
the room with light. This makes me feel bright and refreshed, ready to start the day. Unfortunately not all days are like this. Wouldn’t it be
great if I could have this feeling every day.
Key message take-out?
Wake up more refreshed
Benefit + Reasons to believe [How does it work and why should I believe it]
RTB: The Wake-up Light works in the same way as the sunrise. 30 minutes before your wake up time, the light gradually increases and
gently prepares your body to wake up naturally, while you are still asleep. At the wake up time you set, natural sounds start playing to
ensure you are gently awakened. The result is you wake up more refreshed and ready to start the day.
What do we want to agency to make?
Big idea
We are looking to build on the idea of conducting an ‘extreme’ experiment to demonstrate the unique natural benefits of the Wake-up Light.
An executional consideration is to develop a central idea that would be activated in each of the countries (ie. each country would execute their own
‘experiment’ from a centrally provided toolkit). If this were considered the optimal direction, local market activation budgets need to be
Regardless of the creative direction, we need to clearly define a ‘space’ where local markets can channel their creativity.
Additional Considerations
A 30 day Money Back Guarantee will also be offered to consumers. This needs to be highlighted in relevant communication channels – eg.
packaging, website, etc.
Learnings media channels:
We did learn from previous campaign the following:
Print / OOH in morning commuting areas work to reach a broad audience (reach) when they are receptive
Advertorial works well to on the one hand reach people and on the other hand explain the benefits of the category so people are
Digital works across the purchase funnel and allows for elaboration on the proposition, stimulates word of mouth (i.e. through
virals, blogging, etc.), and brings consumers a step closer to the store/purchase.
PR worked very well in 2010
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