Child safety
Child safety
LATCH child restraints
Always attach the top tether when
installing the LATCH seat.
Carefully follow the instructions
supplied with the child seat. Always
give the LATCH seat a final pull, to
make sure that the lower anchors are
Always use the appropriate child
restraints and adjust the harnesses for
every child, every trip.
Make sure that a child falls into the
correct weight range for the seat.
Avoid dressing a child in bulky clothing
and do not place any objects between
the child and the restraint system.
Regularly check the fit of a child seat
and replace seats and harnesses that
show signs of wear.
No child seat is completely child-proof.
Encourage children not to play with
the buckle or harness.
Never leave a child unsupervised in
the vehicle.
Activate the rear door child safety
locks. See 37, CHILD SAFETY LOCKS.
Set a good example - always wear your
seat belt.
In a situation where a child is too large to
fit into a child safety seat, but is still too
small to safely fit the 3-point belt, a
booster seat is recommended for
maximum safety. Follow the
manufacturer's instructions for fitting and
use, then adjust the seat belt to suit.
Do not attempt to fit a LATCH child
restraint to the center rear seating
position. The anchor bars are not
designed to hold a LATCH child restraint
in this position. Install only using seat
belts (non-LATCH system) and the top
tether at this position.
If the restraint is not correctly anchored,
there is a significant risk of injury to the
child in the event of a collision or
emergency braking.
WARNING: Child restraint anchorages
are designed to withstand only those
loads imposed by correctly fitted child
restraints. Under no circumstances are
they to be used for adult seat belts,
harnesses or for attaching other items
or equipment to the vehicle.
LATCH anchorage child restraints can be
fitted only to the outer seat positions on
the second row seats.
This symbol is shown on a label
sewn into the seats, to indicate
the position of the LATCH lower
Child safety
5 seat vehicles
7 seat vehicles
To install a LATCH anchorage child seat:
1. Raise or remove the head restraint.
To install a LATCH anchorage child seat:
2. Locate the LATCH anchor bars.
1. Raise or remove the head restraint.
2. Lift the velcro flap to expose the
LATCH anchor bars.
3. Slide the child seat into position and
attach the locking mechanism to the
LATCH anchor bars.
3. Slide the child seat into position and
attach the locking mechanism to the
LATCH anchor bars.
If an upper tether is fitted to the child seat,
Test the security of the child restraint. To
do this, attempt to pull the restraint away
from the vehicle's seat and twist the
restraint from side to side. Even if the
restraint appears secure, you should still
check the anchor points visually, to make
sure they are correctly attached.
Note: Always make sure that if an upper
tether is provided, it is fitted and
tightened correctly.
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