GRADES 3, 4, 5, 6
1. All teams will consist of a maximum of 12 players
2. Six players will be on the court during play for game
3. Players are identified on the court by position, I.e., Right Back, Center
Back, Left Back, Left Front, Center Front, and Right Front.
Players are not required to remain in these areas during play. Players
must be in the proper rotation order at the times of service.
4. All players must serve in order of established positions.
5. As a team gains the serve, the new server rotates to the serving position
from the right front position.
6. Line-ups may be changed for each new game; but once the game begins
players must remain in the same order for each serve.
7. All players will need to be rotated in and out of matches in a way that
attempts to allow equal playing time for all.
8. Players may not be substituted until they have served at least one time.
9. All players should “start” at least one game.
1. Rock-Paper-Scissors will determine who will serve first games of each
2. The serve will alternate each game thereafter.
3. The server must serve from behind the rear boundary line, or even with or
behind the free throw line if a player needs to move forward.
4. If the server misses the first serve, they may have a second chance.
1. Net will be set at 7’4” – as close as possible. The net may be lowered if
necessary for 3, 4 grades. (Agreed upon by coaches)
2. The ball maybe played from the net provided a team’s three hits have not
been used.
3. The ball may legally contact the top of the net and continue into the
4. The ball can be played off the net on a serve.
1. Scooping, lifting, pushing, or carrying the ball are considered illegal hits.
2. A ball landing on the line is good. (Lines are in)
3. A team is allowed a maximum of three hits to return the ball over the net.
4. A ball that touches the ceiling on a team’s own side is live, when a volley
hits the ceiling on the opposing teams side, it is a side out to them.
5. One time out will allowed per game.
6. Any arguing with officials, use of profanity or abusive behavior toward the
other team will result in a one game suspension of the player(s) or
coach(s) involved.
1. Rally scoring will be used. A point is scored on every rally. A team does
not have to be serving to score a point.
2. Games are played to 25 points or 15 minutes (see time factors). A team
must win by two points or the first team to reach 30 points will win. Best 2
out of 3 wins the match. Even if one team wins the first two games a third
game will still be played.
3. Once a server has rotated into the serving position, she may serve up to 5
points or until her team commits foul.
4. 3rd, 4th grade after 5 consecutive points the ball is considered a side-out
and the opposing team will serve. 5th, 6th will rotate servers keeping the
serve on the same side
5. A point maybe scored in the following ways:
1. Ball hits the floor on line or in bounds.
2. Opponents fail to return the ball over the net in three hits.
3. Ball is hit out of bounds.
4. Opposing team commits a foul.
1. Each match will consist of three 15-minute games or total of 45 minutes of
play. There is a maximum of one hour per match.
2. The team that is leading at the end of the time limit is the winner.
However, winning is not the focus and should not be emphasized as such.
3. If a game is within a few (2 or 3) points of finishing you can go over the
time limit.
1. After each game of the match teams will change sides.
1. Each team will need to provide 2 people – 1 to help keep score and 1 to
be a line judge.
2. The YMCA will provide Head officials. .
RESPECT) both on and off court, HAVE FUN!!