Shave Like Grandpa - Wyoming Woodwright

Shave Like Grandpa
Prep your materials. You will need to insert a new blade. It is also best if you soak your shaving brush, to
soften the bristles and makes building lather easier.
Prep your beard. Hair is softened by moisture, so the simplest prep is a hot shower. It is also helpful to
wash the face. Much of razor burn is caused by particulate and debris left on the face because of poor
shave prep.
Build a Lather. Building a lather is straightforward: Shake your brush of excess moisture (after soaking it)
and start "loading" the brush with shaving soap, just move the brush in a circular motion in your mug or
dish. It's best to start with a relatively dry lather, and flick moisture into the lather until you reach the
desired creaminess. After the brush is loaded, start applying the soap to your face using circular motions
to lift the hair.
Find the right angle for your razor. Before you begin your first pass, you must find the correct blade
angle. Start by placing the razor’s face flat against your face (with the handle perpendicular to your face).
Slowly lower the razor handle towards the floor as you pull the razor down your face. When the hair starts
cutting, you will have found the right angle!
Make the first pass. (GO WITH THE GRAIN) Wet shaving is the gradual removal of the beard hair, so this
first step is following the grain of your beard. Running your hands along your face will show you the
direction your beard hair grows. USE NO PRESSURE, simply let the weight of the razor keep the blade
against your skin. After you've finished your first pass, rinse your face with water.
Make a second pass. Reapply your lather. This time shave perpendicular to the grain of your beard hair.
Also like first step, rinse your face with water afterwards.
7) For first dates and anniversaries, make a third pass. The third pass is optional, but is the only way to
ensure your face is "baby-butt smooth". Reapply your lather (you may need to make more at this point),
and shave against the grain, or from the opposite direction from the second pass. This pass is the
harshest, and the most likely to cause irritation post-shave. Post shave precautions are important after a
third pass.
8) Rinse. After you have finished your third (or second, depending on preference), rinse your face with warm
water. This pulls the excess lather from your face, and cleans the pores. Now rinse your face with cold
water to seal those freshly cleaned pores. Pat your face dry and move to the final step.
9) Post Shave. Now that you've shaved all the hair from your face, it’s time to follow that up and prevent
any unwanted facial blemishes. There are many products you can use: witch-hazel, brute, old-spice, or
new after shave lotions, take the time to discover your preference.
Shaving is what you make of it. It can be something that you have to hurry and get through every morning, or it
can be a daily experience that you look forward to enjoying.