Battery Power Pack
The starting & ending point of any machine is its power supply!
TrylecHD’s Battery Power Pack comprises two batteries fitted into a polyurethane box. All cables connecting the batteries to the starter and/
or alternator are lead welded and connected to an Anderson Plug eliminating the possibility of loose connections. This makes it easier and
safer to disconnect them when required as there are no battery terminals.
A lid is then fastened to the battery box to ensure that no one can tamper with the batteries.
When the batteries are discharged, the entire unit can be placed in the charging bay. This ensures that both batteries are charged properly
and most importantly, together.
Safety Features
• All battery connections are crimped to 5.2T/in2 & fastened to the batteries using an air
operated torque wrench. This eliminates loose connections which could cause poles to
burn off.
• Once the batteries are sealed in the box, the possibility of accidental arcing is eliminated.
• The box protects the batteries from dust, debris, oil and most importantly heat.
• The batteries are in a maintenance-free, sealed box preventing hazardous chemicals from
polluting the environment resulting in an environment-friendly product.
• Connections from the starter & alternator are lead welded onto the fittings that connect to
the Anderson Plug, thus no loose connections that could cause a spark and lead to a fire.
• Batteries cannot be arced as a result of a spanner falling on them.
• The battery power pack protects the batteries from debris and rock fall that could cause
them to break leading to hazardous chemical leakage.
Features & Benefits
• Keeps your machines running longer whilst saving you money
• Significantly reduces and/or stops the abuse of batteries, resulting in a considerably
longer battery lifespan while in the machine.
• The battery box is acid resistant, FDA approved and has a melting temperature of 120°C
• A 350 Amp Anderson Plug is fitted to the box’s lid
• Reduced downtime
• Reduced battery replacement costs
• No battery terminals
Small Battery Power
Pack without voltmeter
Battery Power Pack
with voltmeter
Large Battery Power Pack
without voltmeter
Cold cranking amps - 870
Cranking amps - 1000
Amps/hour (@20hr rate) - 100
Sealed maintenance 1000LS (674)
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