Service Overview
VCE Installation for Oracle RAC (PSVC-HPD1-00-A01)
(“Service”) installs a sample Oracle relational database
management system (“RDBMS”) and its supporting
Oracle Grid infrastructure onto one VCE converged
infrastructure system (“VCE System”). The Service
includes the assessment, planning, and execution of
installation activities in order to minimize the
implementation effort of Oracle Grid infrastructure and
risk to the customer’s systems. Additional activities
include validating Real Application Clustering (“RAC”)
interconnect readiness and benchmarking performance
against industry standards.
The Service also includes a knowledge-transfer session
to enable the customer to effectively manage this
Oracle-related infrastructure.
The Service is available in the United States and
Canada. It will be delivered with a combination of on-site
and remote resources.
Service Scope
Subject to the “Customer Responsibilities,” VCE
personnel or authorized agents shall work closely with
the customer to perform the following activities as part
of the Service:
• Initiate a planning conference call to review project
scope, expectations, communication plans, and
availability of required resources.
• Determine the engagement process and schedule.
• Develop a high-level project plan with critical-path
events and milestones.
• Provide oversight and coordination during the
preparation, execution, and closure of the Service.
• Coordinate with an assigned customer project
manager to perform the Service during the customer’s
scheduled maintenance window.
• Assign and schedule resources required for execution
of the Service.
• Work with the customer to assign and configure
network access parameters including IP and
host names.
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• Install Oracle Grid infrastructure per the Oracle
Optimal Flexible Architecture (“OFA”) standard, which
o Oracle Clusterware
o Oracle Automatic Storage Management (“ASM”)
o Oracle HA (“Oracle Restart”)
• Configure Red Hat Linux per customer requirements.
• Install the RDBMS Home per the OFA.
• Set up the sample database using Oracle Database
Configuration Assistant (DBCA) per the OFA.
• Verify RAC interconnect readiness, including validation
of Oracle Restart, load balancing, and interconnect
• Benchmark performance of Oracle infrastructure using
standard industry tools.
• Develop build documentation.
• Verify successful installation of the RDBMS and Grid
Infrastructure, with high-level test plan steps that
o Network failure
o Node failure
o Add/remove node
• Conduct knowledge-transfer session for up to four
hours on the following topics:
o Network provisioning, SCAN address, VIP, and
public and private interfaces
o Storage allocation and provisioning
o ASM administration and RAC disk group
o Multi-instance management, including memory
allocation and huge pages management
Roles and Responsibilities
Customer Responsibilities
• VCE Consultant(s): Conduct Oracle RAC database
installation; provide documentation detailing the
customer’s Oracle configuration; and conduct one
knowledge-transfer session.
Customer must
• VCE Project Manager: Plans and coordinates all VCE
engagement-related activities.
• Customer Project Manager: Plans and coordinates all
customer engagement-related activities.
• Customer Technical Lead(s): Responsible for
providing system, database, and network information
for the customer’s environment.
Key Activities
The following table represents the key tasks delivered as
part of the Service and responsible parties.
Project kickoff
Identify network configuration
Identify database installation
location and system resources
Identify storage location and
Deploy database-related software
Develop build documentation
Verify successful installation
Conduct knowledge transfer
Wrap-up call
VCE Staffing
VCE provides appropriate on-site and off-site
representatives to perform the Service specified in the
Service Scope section.
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• Participate in VCE-hosted remote web conferencing
sessions, as required.
• Provide VCE access to all necessary VCE
Systems and other hosts or systems, as required
to facilitate the Service, including but not limited to,
a syslog server.
• Provide the VCE System that is installed in the
customer environment and ready for the Oracle
deployment. The Service assumes Oracle database
version or higher, with up to a 4 node
RAC cluster.
• Ensure that authorized representatives of the
customer will perform activities, attend meetings,
make decisions, and complete documentation
requested by VCE in a timely fashion and in
accordance with the times specified in the agreed
project plan. Such activities include project kickoff,
project planning, attending interviews, responding to
questionnaires and surveys, and agreeing upon an
implementation test plan.
• Assign a Customer Project Manager with the authority
to make project decisions and represent the customer
in all matters related to this Service. The Customer
Project Manager will provide a single consolidated
response to any review, approval, change, or
decision request.
• Provide Customer Technical Leads with relevant
domain, business, and/or technical expertise, as
required. Customer Technical Leads are the
acknowledged spokespersons for the areas they
represent, and the VCE project team requires regular
and timely access to them. If Customer Technical
Leads are unable to attend a scheduled meeting, then
the Customer Project Manager shall represent the
customer’s staff as the final authority with respect to
customer on all items of discussion.
• Provide VCE at least one technical contact with
system administration responsibilities and appropriate
system/information access privileges.
• Make reasonable facility accommodations for the VCE
project team for engagement activities that occur at
the installation location. These accommodations will
include a desk/cubicle, voice telephone, Internet
access, and shared access to laser printer, copier, fax,
and conference room facilities.
Service Scope Changes
Any changes to the Services, the schedule, charges, or
this Service Scope must be agreed upon in writing by
VCE. Until changes are agreed to in writing, VCE will
continue to perform work as provided in this document
and such work is deemed to be in accordance with the
obligations of VCE.
Service Scope Exclusions
• Be responsible for, and assume any risk associated
with any problems resulting from the accuracy,
content, completeness, and consistency of any data,
materials, or information supplied by the customer.
Only the Service stated in this document is included, and
any additional work is out of scope of the Service and must
be purchased separately. Specifically excluded services
include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Acknowledge receipt and acceptance/rejection of all
deliverables associated with the Services as quickly as
commercially reasonable, but in all events within ten
(10) business days of delivery (not including local
public holidays). The customer will use the VCE
project milestone completion form to indicate
acceptance of deliverables. If such acknowledgment is
not received within this period, all deliverables will be
deemed acknowledged and accepted.
• Procuring any VCE Systems, as well as any additional
hardware and software
• Complete all required communications and change
management processes with server owners.
• Make appropriate system maintenance window
available for VCE (including authorized agents of
VCE) as needed to conduct the Service.
• Complete all data backup and migration of workloads
prior to the scheduled maintenance window.
• Assume full responsibility for data backup and
recovery. VCE is not responsible for any loss of,
damage to, or corruption of data, including
unrecoverable data, in connection with the Service.
• Restrict and prevent VCE access to customer data not
pertinent to the delivery of the Service, including, but
not limited to, personally identifiable information.
Service Schedule
The anticipated Service start date is four (4) weeks after
receipt and approval by VCE of the customer’s purchase
order for this Service or as mutually agreed upon.
The Service will be delivered on a contiguous basis,
excluding local public holidays. Customer shall have
twelve (12) months from the date of purchase to
complete the Service (“Service Period”), after which this
Service shall automatically expire at the end of the
Service Period and will be null and void. No refund
will be due or paid to customer for unclaimed or
incomplete work.
• Providing or procuring of any software licenses,
including, but not limited to, Red Hat Linux and all
Oracle products, pursuant to this document; customer
must license software and purchase products via a
separate contractual document
• Additional customizations, integration, or
implementation of activities related to Oracle database
installation and operation
• Any database migration
• Providing knowledge transfer to the customer on
topics outside of the Service requirements—i.e., the
knowledge transfer is not a substitute for Oracle,
Linux, vSphere, network, storage, or Oracle EBusiness Suite classroom training, and/or equivalent
• Upgrading to an approved Release Certification
Matrix level
• Services to expand capacity through the
implementation of additional hardware or software
• Application and customer data backups
• Troubleshooting for previously and newly identified
Specialized System failures or errors
• Production of customer internal documentation
• Archiving, backup, restoration, business continuance
and/or disaster recovery services for any data and/or
applications related to the Specialized System or
individual servers housed on the Specialized System
• Any customization of third-party management tools or
• Interim patches and upgrades that are released but
not defined as mandatory and do not require
immediate implementation, as determined by VCE
• Performance tuning, configuration changes, and other
modifications to comply with VCE best practices
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• Provision of security-cleared project resources to meet
government or customer-specified security
• Any other services offered under separate part
number or SKU
Terms and Conditions
Customer’s issuance of an order to purchase the Service
signifies its agreement to the terms and conditions in this
document and its acknowledgment that the Service is
provided under and is governed by either (a) a separate
written agreement between the parties for the delivery of
professional services, or in lieu of a signed agreement,
(b) the standard VCE™ Professional Services Terms and
Conditions available at (the
“Governing Agreement”).
VCE licensed software is subject to VCE standard end
user license agreement available at License rights for any
third-party software pass directly from the third-party
supplier to the customer and are subject to such third
party’s software terms, which the customer authorizes
VCE to accept on its behalf or on behalf of its end users
as a condition of installing or using such software.
This document constitutes a Service Order, or statement
of work (SOW), as defined in the Governing Agreement.
This is a fixed-price order. VCE will bill and invoice
customer at its standard time-and-material rates plus
travel expenses for any additional services beyond the
Service or any costs incurred for the customer’s failure
to meet its responsibilities specified in this document. All
project activities will be conducted in English and all
documentation supplied to VCE by the customer to
support the delivery of the Service will be provided
in English.
Unless otherwise provided in the Governing Agreement,
the customer is deemed to accept the Service rendered
if no objection is raised within 10 days after the customer
is presented with a milestone completion form or other
statement of completion by VCE. VCE MAKES NO
Effective for orders placed on or after August 19, 2017.
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