RF Management Suite 3.0 (RFMS 3)
Comprehensive centralized tools to automate planning,
deployment, security and management of your wireless LAN
Full Wi-Fi network
planning suite
Identify and correct
potential site problems
in the planning stages,
avoiding time-consuming
and potentially costly re-work
in network deployment
2D and 3D modeling
Factor in all major
environmental aspects
into your wireless network
design, from including walls,
doors, windows, stairwells,
the specific materials in
your environment, the
number of users and the
bandwidth requirements
of your applications
Manual or auto placement
Innovative algorithms suggest
optimal AP placement as an
aid to planning
Take complete control of your
wireless LAN…and more
RFMS 3 is a fully featured management solution
designed to provide extraordinary network
and security control throughout the complete
lifecycle of your wireless LAN (WLAN) — from
planning and deployment through day-to-day
monitoring and troubleshooting. Achieve
maximum performance from the moment your
system is powered on with robust planning tools.
Easily deploy, upgrade, monitor and troubleshoot
thousands of WLAN infrastructure devices
— wireless switches, access ports and access
points — from a single point of control. Highly
scalable, RFMS 3 supports thousands of access
ports and points to meet your needs today and
well into tomorrow. And tight integration with
additional Motorola management solutions
enable you to build out RFMS 3 to include
centralized management of virtually every aspect
of your enterprise mobility solution — from
mobile devices and the data and applications
resident on those devices to wireless broadband
infrastructure and more.
Design a superior WLAN with
superior planning tools
LANPlanner, now tightly integrated into RFMS 3,
provides a robust planning tool that dramatically
reduces planning, purchasing and implementation
cycle times — WLANs are up and running at
peak performance in record time. Enhanced
network planning tools enable the creation of
comprehensive floor plans designed to maximize
the success of your WLAN initiative — without
need for a site survey. Site-specific 2D and 3D
modeling factors in all the major aspects that can
impact network design, from the walls, doors,
windows, stairwells and specific materials in
your environment to the number of users and
the bandwidth requirements of your applications.
The end result is an intelligent network plan
that identifies the required equipment and ideal
placement to achieve target performance levels
— from the moment the network is deployed. You
get the peace of mind that the equipment you
purchase is the right equipment. And the ability to
automatically generate a bill-of-materials simplifies
and helps error-proof the purchasing process.
Supports AutoCAD, PDF,
JPEG and other common
building or site map
Enables rapid creation
of a reusable, extensible
RF-intelligent model
Graphical display of over
200 network statistics
Visual data/ time trending is
faster and easier to analyze,
simplifying monitoring and
Wi-Fi network
Over 200 statistics
displayed in a variety of
reports help quickly identify
and resolve issues with
your Wi-Fi network
Intrusion detection
Instantly see if, when and
where unauthorized users
access the network
Automatically generate
a bill-of-materials
Simplifies the
purchasing process
Automated asset
Locate specific pieces of
equipment quickly and
easily; cost-effective and
rapid on-demand access to
a complete inventory of all
WLAN infrastructure
Integrates with MSP 3
Enables comprehensive
centralized control of
mobile devices located
anywhere in the world
Ensure your WLAN is performing
according to plan
Your WLAN is deployed — but is it meeting the
predicted performance levels dictated in your plan?
RFMS 3 provides the tools you need to validate
network performance post-deployment. An intuitive
map-based interface allows you to quickly and
easily perform an electronic site survey, record
live network data, and view an at-a-glance graphic
visualization of data to ensure that your wireless
applications and infrastructure are effectively
deployed — and fully functional.
Easily monitor, update and troubleshoot
your entire wireless LAN — from a single
centralized location
Once your WLAN is up and running, a comprehensive
set of management tools allows you to easily maintain
peak WLAN performance. A centralized console
provides the simplicity of a single-point-of-control
for all of your wireless infrastructure — wireless
switches, access ports and access points —
without the need for local administration. Instant
access to over 200 statistics allows administrators
to easily, rapidly and accurately assess the health
of the WLAN, enabling the immediate discovery,
troubleshooting and correction of issues as they
occur. At the click of a mouse, administrators can
view historical KPIs, access port/point (AP) utilization,
WLAN utilization, switch diagnostics, and specific
device statistics at the click of a mouse. Reports
are easy to generate. And all network data can be
exported to a CSV file for use in other management
applications, providing the flexibility to continue to
use any established reporting tools and processes.
Rapid and cost-effective asset management
Since RFMS 3 keeps track of all wireless LAN
infrastructure, asset management is greatly
simplified. At the press of a button, you can generate
an instant report that provides the asset details
for every wireless switch, access port and access
point in your wireless LAN. The need for IT or other
employees to waste time physically traveling to each
piece of equipment to collect that information is
eliminated. The total automation of asset inventory
frees IT to focus on other more crucial business
initiatives; significantly reduces the time and cost
typically associated with manual inventory takes; and
enables cost-effective compliance with government
regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley.
With RF Management System 3, you can view the entire network
from a single console.
Expand to manage every aspect of your
enterprise mobility solution
RFMS 3 offers extraordinary expandability by
providing a common platform that enables tight
integration with Motorola’s robust family of
management tools. The result is the easy creation
of a complete single command center that provides
end-to-end granular control over virtually every
aspect of your entire enterprise mobility solution
— from planning, deployment and day-to-day
management of the wireless LAN and wireless
broadband infrastructure to staging and management
of your mobile devices, mobile device application
development and more. And web-based anywhere,
anytime centralized control over your mobility
solution brings a new level of simplicity to the
mobility architecture, reducing management time
and cost as well as maximizing uptime.
Single point of control for all wireless
infrastructure — inside and outside the
enterprise walls
RFMS 3 is built on an open framework, providing a
common platform for easy integration of the tools
required to centrally manage Motorola wireless
broadband infrastructure — including mesh, point-topoint and point-to-multipoint products. The result is a
powerful unified solution that enables the management
of all wireless infrastructure inside and outside the
enterprise campus — from a single console. The
expanded visibility provides the information needed
to improves troubleshooting, issue resolution,
performance and network availability.
Improve the security of your WLAN
The ability to integrate tightly with Motorola’s Wireless
Intrusion Protection System (IPS), a module in the
Motorola Mobility Suite, adds 24x7x365 monitoring
of the wireless LAN for unauthorized access and
cost-effective regulatory compliance. Administrators
have the tools needed to instantly spot hackers,
attacks and system weak spots — as well as
instantly terminate the connection to any rogue
device. Wireless IPS helps enterprises effectively
safeguard proprietary and customer information,
providing compliance with HIPAA, PCI and other
government regulations that require specific levels
of protection for personal and financial information.
Get centralized control over all your
mobile devices — all over the world
Future integration with another Motorola Mobility
Suite module, Mobility Services Platform 3 (MSP3),
will provide complete and centralized control over
mobile devices, maximizing mobile device uptime
and utilization — as well as mobile worker and
IT staff productivity. Whether you have hundreds
of devices in a local site or tens of thousands of
mobile computers around the world in use inside
your four walls and out in the field, this scalable
and extensible management solution will provide
out-of-the-box staging, keep devices loaded with
the most current software — from applications
to operating system — and enable 24x7x365
monitoring and rapid troubleshooting of device
issues to keep users up, running and productive.
Maximize the value of your WLAN…
with RFMS 3
When you choose RFMS 3, you choose superior
value and a superior return on investment — this
solution not only provides full control over your
entire wireless LAN, but also offers the extensibility
to provide granular control of your entire mobility
solution. No local administration is required — initial
configuration, ongoing provisioning and day-to-day
management and issue resolution take place
from a single centralized console. And Motorola’s
full service packages provide the support you
need to keep this mission-critical software running
and up to date with the latest features and
functionality — from product updates and electronic
support information to around-the-clock access to
technical support.
For more information on how Motorola’s RFMS 3
can help you get the most out of your WLAN, please
visit us on the web at www.motorola.com/rfms
or access our global contact directory at
RF Management System 3 Specifications
System Requirements
Dual Core 2 Duo/3GHz or better
4.0 GB RAM
Operating System:
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1 or later
Hard Disk:
80GB of available hard-disk space
Web Browsers:
FireFox 2.0; Internet Explorer 6 and 7
Views: S ummary Dashboard, Alarms, Network View,
Reporting, Notification, Groups, WIPS management,
and Administration
Wired Switches and Client Bridges: ES3000 1.0.4; CB3000 1.2; HP ProCurve 2626 PWR H.10.45
Part Numbers
Supported Infrastructure
Wireless Switches: S2000 2.3.1; WS5100 3.1 and 3.2; RFS6000 3.2;
RFS7000 1.1 and 1.2
Access Points: P5131 2.0 and 2.1; AP5181 2.0 and 2.1; AP100;
AP300; AP4131 (adopted as a port); Adopted; AP5131
(Adaptive Mode); Adopted AP5181 (Adaptive Mode)
RServer Software: SW-RFMS-SRV-050-WW
License Packs:
25 APs — RFMS-AP-SW-25-WW
50 APs — RFMS-AP-SW-50-WW
100 APs — RFMS-AP-SW-100-WW
250 APs — RFMS-AP-SW-250-WW
500 APs — RFMS-AP-SW-500-WW
2000 APs — RFMS-AP-SW-2000-WW
5000 APs — RFMS-AP-SW-5000-WW
Integrates with
Wireless IPS
Enables immediate
detection and termination
of rogue devices; provides
cost-effective compliance
with government regulations
Comprehensive reporting
and CSV export
Generate reports on key
statistics such as network
usage and performance and
export to CSV for flexible
data analysis
Flexible user roles
Administrators have full
read/write access, and
can create, modify, and
delete projects; support
personnel have read-only
access to those tools
necessary for support and
troubleshooting functions.
Site management
Limit RFMS users to
specific sites as well as
specific devices within a
site; provide customized
views that focus on the
assigned site and specific
assigned devices
Configuration compliance
Ensures configurations
of all wireless infrastructure
remain in compliance
and alerts administrators
of any changes to device
RF Management Suite 3.0
Comprehensive centralized tools to automate planning, deployment, security and management of your wireless LAN
Part number SS-RFMS. Printed in USA 09/08. MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. All other product or service names are
the property of their respective owners. ©2008 Motorola, Inc. All rights reserved. For system, product or services availability and specific information within your country, please
contact your local Motorola office or Business Partner. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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