The difference is Gaggenau. The new ventilation 200 series

The difference is Gaggenau.
The new ventilation 200 series.
Gaggenau Hausgeräte GmbH
P.O. Box 830101
81701 Munich
The AI 230 island hood and the AW 240 wall-mounted hood differ in their design. The island hood (shown on the
left with a stepped design) occupies a central position in the kitchen. The wall-mounted hood (shown on the right
with a box design) is a classic eye-catcher above the cooking area. Each model is available in both designs and
naturally operates effectively while producing very little noise.
The AW 250 angled canopy hood is a special variant
that makes cooking even more enjoyable by providing
extra space above the cooking area. The harmonious
view of its underside accentuates the cooktop.
The AI 280 Coanda hood features the exclusive Coanda
ventilation technology. It effectively catches vapours
and guides them directly into the exhaust channel, thus
achieving effortlessly what others can only manage
when running at maximum speed.
The VL 041 downdraft ventilation fits harmoniously
next to or between appliances of the Vario cooktops
200 series and effectively extracts steam. An ideal
solution for open kitchens or kitchen islands.
The AH 900 flat kitchen hood, mounted in the upper
cabinet, is extremely space-saving as it is only pulled
out when needed. Invented by Gaggenau, this design
continues to be very popular.
The rim extraction filter is uniquely effective. Behind
the stainless steel cover is a full-width mesh filter that
quietly and efficiently removes grease from cooking
The recirculation module is as effective as it is efficient. The activated charcoal filter absorbs odour
particles immediately so that only clean air is returned
to the kitchen. An odour reduction of 95 percent is
thus achieved.
Remarkably effective and offering compelling design
and functionality, the ventilation 200 series provides
clean air in any kitchen. Whether discreet like the downdraft ventilation or making a strong architectural statement like the island hoods, the 200 series models have
three things in common: they are powerful, individual
and efficient. The 200 series thus offers a model to
suit every taste.
New to this series is the recirculation module, which
allows island and wall-mounted hoods to be run in air
extraction and recirculation mode. Alongside aesthetic
design, functionality plays a key role. Simple operation
with automatic function is the primary winning feature:
The fan adjusts its speed automatically to the amount
of steam entering the hood, allowing you to devote all
your attention to cooking. More details can be found
on our website.
The Coanda effect takes advantage of an aerodynamic
principle. The unique shape of the ventilation hood leads
to the emergence of an additional air current along its
front edge. This air current traps rising condensation
before it can escape over the edge of the appliance,
and drives it straight into the outlet.