Recall: GN9120 Wireless Headset Batteries October 2008

New Zealand Fire Service
Fire Research & Investigation Unit
GN9120 Wireless Headset Batteries
15 October 2008
ACTION - New Zealand recall.
The batteries can overheat due to an internal short circuit, which
can pose a fire hazard.
ATL Lithium-ion batteries (ATL P/N 603028) batteries in GN9120
headsets distributed from January 2005 until September 2008.
How to check if your GN9120 headset has an affected battery
from ATL:
Lift the headset from the base and take off ear-cushion.
Separate the boom-arm and speaker part from wearing
style (headband/ear hook).
Once you have opened the headset, the battery will
appear. If your headset has a battery with white plastic
enclosure, stop using the headset immediately.
Batteries with white plastic enclosure AND 'Made by
Synergy' sticker are not included in the replacement
program. Continue use of headset.
Batteries with silver enclosure are not included in the
replacement program. Continue use of headset.
What to do
If your headset has an affected battery stop using it immediately
and unplug the power adaptor from the socket.
Note: The battery replacement programme has been terminated
by the supplier of these headsets, therefore you should consider
replacing the headset or seek further advice as to how to make it
No recall notice was issued, refer to the link below:
Consumer website
This notification has been compiled using information from other sources, every attempt has been
made to ensure its accuracy by the Fire Research and Investigation Unit.
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