10' Wave-2 Plus Telescopic Jib Arm Crane
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PROAIM 10' Wave-2 Plus Telescopic Jib Arm Crane
PROAIM welcomes you to the new and modernized era with its Proaim 10' Wave-2 Plus Video Jib
Crane, aportable filming solution to increase your production value. The Robust jib crane is specifically designedtravel crane for indoor & outdoor video productions. Its telescopic arm feature
adds flexibility to frame perfect shots in indoor and outdoor spaces. Now you can create the visual effects and produce incredibly smooth floating camera crane shots that add value to your filming productions and bring a quick return on your investment.
Please inspect the contents of your shipped packages to ensure you have received all that
is pictured and listed below. The grey foam shipping /storage containers have been
especially designed to protect your purchase while in transit and is a good place to keep
your Proaim Jib when not in use.
Wave plus jib arm
Weight Bar with Closer
Bag packing
PROAIM 10' Wave-2 Plus Telescopic Jib Arm Crane
Please use following sequence of pictures and text in order they appear to set up your new
PROAIM 10' Wave-2 Plus Jib. Technical assistance is available by contacting your sales
Open Tripod spreader. In order to extend legs of spreader, loosen the knob and extend it as
per your requirement and retighten the knob to secure.
Open the legs of 100mm tripod stand and secure then attach it to spreader, locking it in
place with the rubber grips.
Adjust riser height of Tripod by loosening lock controls located on each leg, slide the stand
up to a desired level position and lock leg extensions in place to secure.
PROAIM 10' Wave-2 Plus Telescopic Jib Arm Crane
Now Insert central fork into the tripod bowl, then attach bottom clamp to it for secure
NOTE It is important to make sure that the Central Fork is seated in the bowl properly. That
means perpendicular to the tripod bowl. Off axis installation may hamper movement of the jib.
Also you may need the assistance of a grip stand to hold the camera end of the arm during
installation preventing it from falling as it will be front heavy at this point. You may also need
the grip stand or assistance at the rear of the jib when mounting the camera.
NOTE : Tripod Stand & Spreader in NOT included. Above steps are for demonstration purpose
Unscrew the knob to extend jib arm at back and retighten the knob. Secure all the
PROAIM 10' Wave-2 Plus Telescopic Jib Arm Crane
Insert the weight into the jib arm.
Now slide in weight to it as per your requirement and screw in weight closer properly.
(Counter weight NOT INCLUDED)
Loosen the knobs of Jib arm to extend the front telescopic post of the Jib.
PROAIM 10' Wave-2 Plus Telescopic Jib Arm Crane
Extend the Jib as per your requirement and tighten all the knobs to secure.
Camera Mounting
Loosen the bolts of Jib bowl & remove the adapter plate. Mount your fluid head set-up onto
the bowl plate and lock it with locking adapter.
PROAIM 10' Wave-2 Plus Telescopic Jib Arm Crane
Now remove tripod plate from it by loosening the knob and pressing provided lever.
Attach tripod plate to your Camera and secure. Now mount your camera set-up onto fluid
head (not included) and secure it with help of provided knob.
LCD Mounting (Not Included)
Attach your LCD Mounting Arm to Jib Fork
and tighten it properly to secure.
Now screw in the LCD to arm and tighten
its knob after positioning the angle of LCD
PROAIM 10' Wave-2 Plus Telescopic Jib Arm Crane
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