Damixa Ixia and Iona basin taps Fitting Instructions

Damixa Ixia and Iona basin taps
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Please retain these instructions for future use and reference.
Fitting Instructions
Pressure Suitability
Minimum operating pressure - 0.1 bar
Maximum operating pressure - 6 bar
These taps are suitable for use on low or high-pressure systems.
They are fitted with a low- pressure flow straightener outlet as standard for use where the
supplies are from gravity fed low-pressure sources.
For high-pressure systems where water consumption is excessive the taps are also provided
with Regul8 flow regulators that limit the maximum flow to 8 litres/min (+/- 10%). This
prevents excessive splashing and saves water.
The Regul8 simply fits inside the inlet tail of the tap. Please ensure before fitting that all new
pipe work is thoroughly flushed to prevent debris accumulating in the regulator. It is
recommended that an inline Y strainer/filter is fitted between the isolating valves in hot and
cold supply pipe work and the tap inlet tail to prevent debris blocking the regulator and to
assist in any maintenance required. When fitting the Regul8 please ensure that the pressure
is above 1 bar. Please note that if the hot water supply is from a gravity-fed supply below 1
bar pressure it is not recommended to fit the Regul8 regulator to the hot tap.
To fit the Regul8 please insert it into the inlet tail of the tap insert with the holes facing
upwards into the tap and the ‘O’ ring facing down towards the incoming water stream (see
These taps should be installed in accordance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings)
Regulations 1999, with current amendments. For further details contact your Local Water
Please note these taps are not thermostatic and the output temperature is dependant upon
prevailing incoming water temperatures and pressures. Always take care when using hot
water, especially with children. Never leave a child unattended.
Home Safety Advice
Always take care when using an electric drill, particularly in the bathroom. Always check for
hidden cables and pipework before drilling and take extreme care if there is any water in the
working area.
Always wear suitable eye protection when drilling. Unplug any equipment after use.
1. Turn off all water and any electrical supplies.
2. Identify all components and check to see if complete before starting installation.
3. Determine the water pressure and fit the Regul8 flow regulator into the inlet of the tap tail if
required as shown below. (Fig.1)
4. Place the rubber sealing washer on the underside of the tap. (Fig.2)
5. Pass the tap through the hole in the basin and place the metal back nut onto the threaded tap
inlet tail. Note - the hot tap is normally on the left and the cold on the right when viewed from
the front.
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6. Tighten the metal back nut and secure the tap to the basin.
7. Connect the taps to hot and cold supplies. Isolating valves should be fitted to hot and cold
supply pipes.
8. Fit the waste (not supplied) to the basin. Turn on the water supplies and check there are no
leaks in any of the connections.
9. Operate the taps and check flow. It may be necessary to remove the outlet to ensure any swarf
in the new plumbing is flushed away.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Aftercare Instructions
Damixa products have a high quality surface and should be treated with care to maintain the
surface finish.
To clean simply wipe with a soft damp cloth with a mild detergent applied. Dry with a soft
cloth. Do not use chemical or household cleansers as these may cause staining, abrasive
agents will scratch the surface.
Damixa guarantees quality and reliability. All products are manufactured to the highest
standards using the latest production technologies. We guarantee the product for 5 years
from date of purchase against manufacturing defects.
This guarantee covers all products that have been used in the manner they were intended
and does not apply to products that have been incorrectly installed, misused or abused in
any way.
In the unlikely event that a Damixa product is found to be faulty we will offer a free
replacement part or product. This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.
In the interest of continual product development we reserve the right to alter product
specification where necessary or appropriate.
Please contact Croydex Ltd at the address below for any advice or help.
Croydex Ltd
Central Way
Andover, Hampshire, SP10 5AW
Tel +44 (0) 1264 365881
Fax +44 (0) 1264 367223
Sales: sales@croydex.co.uk
Helpline: info@croydex.co.uk
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