Athletic Handbook - Bethel Christian Academy

Athletic Handbook
Revised July 2015
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In pursuit of excellence in education, the mission of Bethel
Christian Academy is:
To assist Christian parents by helping equip students to
embrace Biblical truth, strive for academic excellence, and
model Christ-like leadership to influence their homes,
churches, and communities for Christ.
The athletic program at Bethel Christian Academy exists for the
purpose of developing physical, personal, and spiritual skills of the
student-athlete that will have lifelong benefits. In providing
opportunities for interscholastic competition, the athletic
department seeks to support the overall mission of the school, and
to promote the Biblical ideal that everything should be done to
glorify God (I Corinthians 10:31)
In the context of athletic activity, the student is exposed to the
following spiritual concepts which are profitable for each
1. Obedience – Do what your coaches and others whom God
has put in authority over you tell you to do with a good
attitude. If you have a question, do not be afraid to ask
for clarification.
2. Diligence – Use all your strength and ability to complete
each part of your task, whether it be cleaning up, doing
drills, conditioning, competing in a game, or any other
3. Responsibility – Do everything that is expected of you,
whether being directly supervised or not. Do not make
the coach “baby sit” you.
4. Determination – Make up your mind to accomplish all of
God’s goals in His time, regardless of the opposition.
5. Confidence – Remember, as you give totally all you have
to Jesus, you become a winner in God’s sight.
6. Intensity – Give a “total release” performance at all
times, focusing your attention on the job at hand, putting
forth every effort to complete it perfectly.
7. Perseverance – Always do your best and try to win, as
this is the object of competition. If you have done your
best, there is nothing to regret.
8. Respect – Following the Golden Rule, learning to
congratulate other teammates and opponents when
appropriate. Loving others is the second greatest
As a popular sports program states, athletic competition always
ends in the “thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.” While the
victor can be humble there is still that thrill that goes along with
the victory, and though his opponent may have given his best
effort there is still that agony that goes along with defeat. The
differentiating factor that separates the Christian from the secular
is the attitude of the contestant, both in victory and defeat.
Athletics can be an excellent opportunity to put Christianity in
the spotlight. In fact, athletics will put Christianity in the
spotlight; the important part is the direction in which the shadow
falls. Any contest worth participating in is worth winning. Good
losers are still losers. It is not the contest itself that is good or
bad, it is the participants that determine its value to the cause of
Christ. It is the attitude of the participant that makes it a victory
or a defeat.
The world tends to look at only the final outcome of a contest.
The Christian athletic program should be more goals oriented
than won-lost directed. Therefore here are two good definitions
to keep in mind:
-doing everything possible to prepare for the competition and
then putting forth the very best effort to win the contest within
the rules and with the right attitude.
-not performing up to the prescribed standards.
Varsity Soccer
J.V. Football
J.V. Volleyball
Varsity Volleyball
Middle School Basketball
J.V. Basketball
Varsity Basketball
Middle School Basketball
J.V. Basketball
Varsity Basketball
Middle School Baseball
Varsity Baseball
Varsity Golf
Shooting Team
Varsity Soccer
Varsity Golf
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North Carolina Christian School Association
2A Division, Section 4
BCA students are all aware of the standards set forth by the
school, but oftentimes are unaware of what we expect from our
spectators. Therefore, we have listed a few things to keep in mind
when you attend a BCA athletic event.
1. Do not criticize. Fans sometimes feel that they are able
to do it better, but that is not their job. Support the
players and coaches; build them up – don’t tear them
2. Never under any circumstances “yell at” the opposition,
coaches, referees or home team. (In basketball – never
yell or attempt to distract a player shooting a free throw)
3. Realize that the word Christian means “Christ-like”. We
as Christians are always testimonies, whether good or
bad. BCA wants to portray a good testimony always, but
especially to the public and private schools we
compete against and the referees who may or may not
be Christians.
4. Each year our athletic program strives to win the NCCSA
Eddie Blalock Sportsmanship Award.
Thanks for your help!
1. Each athlete must be currently enrolled and have a new or
updated physical before each school year. The BCA Physical
Exam form can be found at the school office. The athlete
cannot compete in tryouts, practice, or games without a new
or updated physical. One physical per school year takes care
of all sports for that school year.
2. A “Player & Parent Agreement” form and a “Permission to
Participate” form must be filled out and signed for each
3. All students who participate in athletics will be charged an
athletic participation fee. The purpose for this fee is to reduce
the amount of money used from the general fund to cover
athletic expenses. For specific fees, see Sports Fee section on
Tuition Rate Sheet.
4. All families with children participating in athletics are
strongly encouraged to join the BCA Booster Club. The BCA
Booster Club provides financial assistance to the athletic
department in order to continually improve facilities and
athletic equipment. The BCA Booster Club covers the cost of
our yearly Athletic Banquet. Contact the school office for
more information.
5. Athletic fees and tuition are expected to be paid prior to the
issuing of the uniform for that sport. Failure to do so may
result in a loss of participation privileges. In the event of a
financial difficulty, contact the business manager to discuss
other arrangements.
1. Each athlete must be currently enrolled and have a new or
updated physical before each school year. The BCA
Physical Exam form can be found at the school office. The
athlete cannot compete in tryouts, practice, or games
without a new or updated physical. One physical per
school year takes care of all sports for that school year.
2. Students must maintain a minimum of an overall “C”
average with no subject average that is failing. Grade
checks are 7 times a year. (4 progress reports and 1st,
2nd, and 3rd nine-weeks)
3. Students with ineligible grades on their report card will
be given until the next grade check to bring their
grades up. If their grades have not been brought up to
eligibility standards, they will be declared ineligible.
4. Students must attend at least a half day of school on the
day of the game or they will not be allowed to
participate in that particular game/practice.
Ineligibility eliminates both athletic practices and game
participation until eligibility is granted by the administration.
The administration along with the athletic director and coaches
will discipline any student guilty of manifesting a poor attitude or
unsportsmanlike conduct as well as general athletic standards.
Students must ride to and from the away games by school
provided transportation. They are not to ride with other students
or adults, or parents of other participants. Parents must contact
the coach prior to a game if special arrangements are to be made.
Practices and Games:
1. Once you have joined a team, you have committed yourself to
that team until the last game is completed.
2. Players must be at every practice or game unless excused for
one of the following reasons:
- doctor or dental appointment
- personal sickness
- death in the family
- previously scheduled church commitment
3. We do not have practices scheduled on Wednesdays.
4. BCA is supportive of the many local churches whose members
make up our student body. We would never schedule a game
on Wednesday or a practice or game on Sunday that would
interfere with a regularly scheduled worship service. We try
to schedule as few Saturday events as possible. We encourage
our families to be actively involved in the local church.
However, any athlete who misses a practice or game may have
to make up practice activities and face the team’s policy for
reduction in playing time. This is not meant as punishment
for an excusable absence, but a reward and incentive to those
team members who were present. A team member who must
miss a practice or game may return to their former status as
soon as they have fulfilled the team’s policy for absences.
5. Each coach will announce their discipline procedure for
missed practices or games. Multiple unexcused absences may
result in dismissal from the team.
10 | P a g e
6. All athletes must be on time to practices and games. Coaches
will announce their discipline procedures for tardiness.
School Attendance:
Students must attend at least a half day of school on the day of the
game or they will not be allowed to participate in that particular
1. All team members must wear the appropriate team uniforms
for whatever sport they are participating in. If the student is
injured or unable to play for another reason they must either
be in uniform or school dress.
2. At home games the students must be in school dress until they
change into their team uniform at the time prescribed by their
3. After home games the students must either change back into
school dress or remain in their team uniform. If “warm-ups”
or wind-suits are available students need to be in these instead
of uniforms.
4. At away games all team members must be dressed in the same
manner. This will either be school dress, team “warm-ups” /
wind-suits, or team uniforms.
11 | P a g e
5. Student athletes may not wear headphones or earbuds on
game days in the gym or in any building in which the team is
traveling - ex. Restaurants, opponents gym floor area, and
bleacher area. May be used on team bus and in locker rooms.
6. We must remember that we are always representing our
families, our school and our Lord. Therefore, whatever we are
wearing it needs to be neat and clean.
It is considered a privilege to represent Bethel Christian Academy
as a member of any athletic team. In order to keep that privilege,
each athlete will be expected to set a good example for others to
1. Every athlete is expected to maintain a good Christian
testimony. At any time, an athlete not maintaining a Christian
testimony on or off the field or in the classroom may be
suspended or dismissed from the team.
2. Any student who receives multiple detentions or a suspension
may be removed from the team as well.
3. The use of profanity will not be tolerated. The use of
profanity on or off the field will result in a suspension or
removal from a team.
4. Fighting during athletic events will result in a suspension
from game play as well as suspension from school.
12 | P a g e
5. Bethel Christian Academy does not condone and will not
tolerate “hazing” or “initiations” of athletes by other athletes.
Any such actions will result in suspension and/or dismissal
from the athletic team.
6. Any athlete or coach that is ejected from a game will be
suspended for the next game. If the athlete or coach receives
a second ejection, he/she will be suspended for two games.
A third ejection will result in dismissal from the team and
forfeiture of athletic privileges for remainder of the school
For the Christian, sportsmanship requires participating in any
activity in a way that honors the Lord Jesus Christ. It involves
an attitude of not looking on our own interests, but also on the
interests of others. It involves self-control in spite of real or
perceived unfairness. It involves actions that are noble, which
give no appearance of evil and that are well within the rules of
the activity. It involves wholesome speech that gives no offence.
It involves submission to the authority of the officials and to the
coaching staff. Sportsmanship is Christianity applied to the
games of life.
Athletes and coaches at Bethel Christian Academy are to be
exemplary in their display of sportsmanship during games and
practices. Team members should congratulate opponents after
a game with a customary handshake and kind word. Physical
and/or verbal abuse aimed at an opponent, official, coach, or
teammate will result in immediate discipline by the coach, and
possibly, the administration. Taunting and/or inappropriate
13 | P a g e
language directed toward an opponent or teammate is not “part of
the game,” and is inconsistent with the mission of Bethel
Christian Academy.
Athletes are to demonstrate sportsmanship and an attitude of
cooperation with coaches and teammates. An athlete who has a
grievance with the coach or another player should attempt to
resolve the problem with that individual first, in private, in
accordance with Biblical principle. Matters of disagreement and
dispute should be kept confidential between the individuals
involved. If the situation remains unresolved, the athletic director
should be informed.
1. Character is not built by quitting. Trying times are not times
to quit trying.
2. A student may drop off the team anytime before the day
before the first game without penalty. After that period of
time no student may quit the team without penalty. There
should be a strong sense of belonging to the team even when
personal injuries would restrict the individual’s participation
in practices and games. An injured player is expected to be at
all practices and games as if he were healthy.
3. Any athlete who quits a team will sit out the next sports
season. (Example: an athlete who quits soccer must sit out
basketball that winter)
4. An athlete who quits or is removed from the team roster will
forfeit any post-season rewards such as team pictures, letters,
awards, etc. Participation fees are non-refundable.
14 | P a g e
5. Exceptions to this rule would be for family hardships, severe
injury, or serious academic problems. The athletic director
and the principal will decide any exceptions.
This policy applies to all off-campus games and tournaments
when the school provides transportation. It does not apply to
activities for which the school does not provide transportation.
Students must ride to and from the away games by school
provided transportation. They are not to ride with other
students or adults, or parents of other participants. Parents
must contact the coach prior to a game if special
arrangements are to be made.
At the discretion of the school, a team member living in the
vicinity of an away game may be allowed to drive to the
game if the school is provided with written or verbal
permission. No student or team member other than a
member of the driver’s immediate family will be allowed to
ride with the student.
A team member may ride home from an off-campus game
with his/her parent(s) or legal guardian provided that the
coach has been notified by written or verbal communication
from the parent(s) or legal guardian prior to leaving the
A team member is not allowed to ride home with someone
else’s parents/family. The only exception would be if that
team member’s parents received prior approval to allow their
child to ride with someone else’s parents/families due to
some family hardship. This will be the exception, not the
15 | P a g e
Bethel Christian Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen
items on our away games. Be very cautious with what items
you bring with you to away games.
No food is to be carried onto the travel bus. Only screw-cap
bottle drinks are allowed on the travel bus/van.
The back of the bus is off limits to couples. On the bus,
during day travel, each gender will sit on different sides of
the bus. During night travel, the groups will be divided front
and back.
Players should see that the bus is clean and tidy after each
trip. Certainly, we expect each coach, player, and other
riders to help by not littering and not damaging the
property. Immediate dismissal from the team may result if
a player is found to be damaging the property/vehicle. Let
us all commit to protecting our property.
Players should make sure all equipment, balls, coolers, cups,
etc. are removed from bus when bus arrives home..
10. Hats/Hoods are not permitted on game days inside of any
Our student athletes are the greatest ambassadors for Bethel
Christian Academy. In all our dress and behavior we must
remember that we not only represent ourselves, but we represent
Bethel Christian Academy and most importantly our Lord Jesus
16 | P a g e
1. All equipment and uniforms used by athletic teams at BCA are
the property of the school.
2. Any uniforms or equipment issued to an athlete are the
athlete’s responsibility to return in good shape.
3. School uniforms are only to be worn for games, not practices
or other functions.
4. Replacement cost for lost or damaged uniforms or equipment
will be charged to the athlete.
5. All uniforms and equipment must be returned to the coach.
Coaches are responsible for uniform inventory.
6. Facilities of Bethel Christian Academy should be protected
and maintained as diligently as possible.
7. Dirty shoes or cleats should never be worn inside any
8. Goals, bases, fences, lockers, locker rooms, bleachers, chairs,
etc. should be treated with care so that they will last as long
as possible.
1. The school will have an athletic banquet at the conclusion of
the school year. At this time all athletic awards and letters
shall be presented. Student Athletes receive letters at the
discretion of the coach.
2. First year Varsity lettermen will receive their letter (one time
award) and a pin for each sport lettered.
17 | P a g e
3. Every subsequent year that an athlete letters he will receive a
service bar for each sport the letter in.
4. Managers, statisticians, and scorekeepers will receive letters,
pins and service bars each season according to the above
1. Only athletes who finish the season still on the team roster will
be recognized at the awards banquet.
2. Middle School teams will award no more than 3 individual
trophies for each sport. Junior Varsity and Varsity teams will
award no more than 4 individual trophies for each sport. The
coach for each particular sport will determine the categories.
Possible Trophies:
Most Valuable Player
Best Defense
Most Improved
Best Offense
Coaches Award
Christian Leadership
3. An athlete who has been suspended from the team during the
season will not be eligible for an individual award.
4. The following awards will be awarded as well:
Stephen Jerome Smith
Junior High (7-9) Male Athlete of the Year
Junior High (7-9) Female Athlete of the Year
Damon Jones
High School (10-12 Male Athlete of the Year
High School (10-12) Female Athlete of the Year
Scholar Athlete - (12th grade award)
18 | P a g e
5. To be eligible for an “Athlete of the Year Award,” athletes
must have participated in at least two sports, but higher
consideration will be given to those who participated in three
sports. Cheerleaders will also be considered for the female
athletes of the year. The “Athletes of the Year” must not have
been placed on academic or behavioral probation at any point
during the year, and must be a Christian example both on and
off the field.
In all aspects of life, whether occupation or recreation, Christians
must realize that they are to put Jesus Christ first in every
situation. The Student-athlete and coach are no exceptions to this
rule; they should not place athletics before their relationship with
God. The athlete and coach should find time to study God’s
Word and pray as they strive to know Him and make Him known.
The prayer is that our athletes become more like Christ because
of the daily example of the coach, administration and teachers.
The student-athlete should develop a thirst to be the very best
with his/her God-given talents. The coach performs a critical
role in this development. The student-athlete should discern the
difference between a prepared and unprepared coach. The
prepared coach is enthusiastic about each day’s practice and has a
schedule of events to develop all student-athletes to their fullest
potential. The coach should help student-athletes gain exposure
and possible scholarships as they make the transition from high
school to college.
19 | P a g e
During the battle of competition the student-athlete may feel
cheated by an official’s decision which the athlete assumes is
unfair. The coach demonstrates leadership at this time by
displayed attitude, actions, and communication to the officials.
The coach should be in control of the team during all
circumstances relating to competition and the school.
Winning is of great importance to the program; however, to
sacrifice Christ-likeness qualities to win a physical victory does
not achieve the goal. The student-athlete and coach should
realize there are two victories: the spiritual and the physical.
The goal should be to attain the spiritual victory at each practice
and competition. The physical victory should be the next goal,
and its meaning is made valid though the spiritual victory.
The student-athlete and coach have an awesome responsibility of
maintaining Christ-like qualities. The athlete and coach are
looked upon as leaders by the administration and are constantly
being observed. They should set the example in all the areas of
living the Christian Life. Any coach or helper that is not
exemplary to our standards will not be allowed to lead or help
any of our teams. Everyone serving in BCA’s Athletic
Department will serve under the discretion of the AD and
Administrators. These qualities are difficult to maintain unless
Christ is the motivation. The student-athlete and coach may
often feel pressure to perform for friends, but this is not the
motivation that should enhance a Christ-centered athletic
program. Colossians 3:23 tells us that we are to do all as unto the
Lord rather than men. Athletics is an opportunity to practice the
principles of God’s Word, such as subjecting one’s self to
authority, working together as members of the body of Christ,
and controlling the emotions that arise in competition. Athletic
competition offers an arena for the demonstration of our faith in
Jesus Christ and opens doors for active ministry.
20 | P a g e
1. The best way to help your athlete is to provide
encouragement and to be positive, both at home and in the
stands. If there is a problem, have your child talk to his coach.
If the problem is not resolved or if it is of a serious nature,
then call the coach yourself. If no solution can be reached at
that point, then call the athletic director to set up a meeting
with all parties involved.
2. Know that you are the most important person in your child’s
life, and that he wants you to be proud of him. Be in the
stands, rain or shine, and cheer.
3. Give the coach the benefit of the doubt. They have many
players to consider.
4. Playing time is based on the coaches' discretion.
5. Be realistic in your expectations. Expect your child to do
their best. Not everyone will be the star.
6. Praise your child even if he only plays a little. Their main
contribution to the team may be the practice time. Teams
that succeed always have those players who push “the
starters” in practice and make the team better.
The athletic director and administration will decide any questions
or issues not discussed in this handbook. The policies outlined in
the Parent-Student Handbook supersede the Athletic Handbook if
a difference should be found.
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