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Never Use a Spade Again
MTD-Tillers Loosen up the Ground and Alleviate Sowing
Saarbrücken, March 16th, 2009
Tillers are becoming more and more popular. No wonder, they improve the soil and
help provide plants with water, save time and last but not least, protect the gardener’s
back. If you want to prepare your soil for planting grass, your flower beds for seeds or
free your flower beds from weeds, the gardening specialist MTD has a wide variety of
tillers – from mini to maxi.
Save Time and Protect your Back
No matter which model, the MTD tilling equipment are robust and reliable. They are
high-quality products with a very attractive price. MTD-tillers are equipped with a stateof-the-art engine developed by MTD that provides a good price-performance ratio. The
entry level model – the tiller T/205 – achieves excellent results. Four rotating blades
with a working width of 40 cm take care of this with their four self-sharpening, heattreated tines made of spring steel. For more performance you’ll want to its „big
brother“, the T/330. Thanks to its working width of 61 cm, gardening work is no trouble
at all.
At the other end of the performance scale you’ll find the tiller T/380 M, which is
additionally equipped with plant protection shields. Driven by a powerful MTD-engine,
the tiller can go through thick and thin. Its added performance features make it suited
for use in heavy and hard soil. By attaching the additional tines included in delivery
you can easily extend the working width from 33 to 61 resp. 81 cm. Six rotating blades
with four tines, each with a diameter of approx. 30,5 cm, open and loosen the ground.
The adjustable depth bar helps anchor the tiller and allows you to regulate the working
speed and depth. The machine has a forward and reverse gear, is easy to maneuver
and you can adjust the height of the handle.
Never Use a Spade Again
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For Rough Terrain
To open large and especially hard, heavy and packed ground you need a tool from a
different category. This is where the MTD-engine tillers come into play, such as the
T/450. Its special feature is the so-called „Dual-Direction“-system: with it you can set
the tines turning direction to forward rotation for tilling or reverse rotation for breaking
up hard soil. The central control unit for setting the running and tilling direction is on
the handle, which is foldable so that you can also work while walking beside the
machine instead of behind it. The tiller is very agile and easy to maneuver despite its
weight – thanks to the reverse gear and its pneumatic tires.
MTD recommends a wider working width for working larger areas. If its good
maneuverability you value then you’ll want a machine with a reverse gear. And for
those of you looking for versatility, take a look at the compatibility with accessory
parts. MTD complements the functionality of its tillers with an accessories program for
the T/330 M and T/380 M, which allows you to easily attach iron wheels, normal
wheels, a cultivator, a lister or a potato digger.
MTD equipment has an unbeatable price-performance ratio and are available in wellsorted garden centers and home improvement stores.
MTD – High performance, fair price
The most comprehensive assortment of motorized garden equipment for almost every
possible use in is produced under the brand name MTD. Hobby gardeners can select
from a wide range of different products that all have one thing in common: they are user
friendly, robust and tough. When you select an MTD-product, you select a long lasting
companion for your gardening work. MTD-brand equipment is sold in home improvement
stores and garden centers.
About MTD Products AG
MTD Products AG in Saarbrucken-Bübingen is the European headquarters of
MTD Products Inc., which is based in Cleveland, Ohio (USA). It was
established after the takeover of the tradition-rich German manufacturer
GUTBROD by MTD in 1996. MTD has more than 20 production and sales
locations worldwide, employing about 10.000 people. Its market share places it
among the top-ten manufacturers of powered garden equipment worldwide.
In Europe, MTD has its own sales locations for Germany, France, Belgium,
Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Russia and
Poland. All other European markets are serviced via sales partners and
The MTD portfolio in Europe comprises the brands MTD, Bolens, GUTBROD,
Yard-Man and Cub Cadet. Its product range includes electric and petrol lawn
mowers, verticutters, lawn tractors, compact tractors, ride-on mowers,
shredders, trimmers, garden tillers, snow throwers, quads and chain saws. The
European product plants are located in Saarbrücken-Bübingen and in
Nemesvamos (Hungary).
Never Use a Spade Again
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