Foremay Delivers Full Disk Encryption SED SSD with Crypto Erase

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Foremay Delivers Full Disk Encryption SED SSD with Crypto Erase
Incorporating advanced cryptographic erase technologies, Foremay’s self encrypting drives not
only secure user information by implementing data encryption and file encryption on a full disk
encryption basis, but also perform data self-destruction via automatic crypto erase at lightning
speed when tampered or hacked.
PASADENA, California – January 26, 2016 Foremay, Inc., a leader of technology innovation in
rugged solid state drives and one of the world’s
Top SSD companies, today released its Self
Encrypting Drive (SED) enabled SSD. It uses
hardware encryption technologies to encrypt and
decrypt every single bit of data during the write and
read process so that data on it is secured. In addition,
the Foremay SED SSD offers a crypto erase feature
that can instantaneously renders all data scrambled,
scattered and useless - users can initiate crypto erase
at anytime, or they can program automatic execution
of crypto erase when triggered.
“Information security on SSD drives has become increasingly important to all users, particularly in
government, defense, financial and medical industries,” said Jack Winters, Foremay’s CTO and cofounder. “Foremay's SED SSD protects the drives and the data from unauthorized access by means
of 256-bit AES hardware encryption that complies with TCG OPAL 2.0. Users can also preset a
maximum number of failed access attempts that will automatically trigger crypto erase."
One of the unique advantages of crypto erase is its lightning speed of the SSD secure erase. It takes
only a second to complete the crypto erase of a Foremay SED SSD with capacity of up to 20 TB.
Users can send an ATA command to initialize a crypto erase locally or remotely. In addition, users
can opt to use a hardware triggered method to execute crypto erase.
Compared with software-based encryption which is usually associated with significant degradation
of system performance, the on-the-fly hardware encryption on the Foremay SED SSD has virtually
no degradation of system performance, and also has the advantage that Foremay’s hardware
encryption works with any operating systems. In addition, hardware encryption is far more secure
than software-based counterparts, since software can be corrupted, affected by a virus or attacked by
hackers, while hardware cannot.
Rugged SSD Drives™
The crypto key for self encrypting drives can be set and kept outside a Foremay's SED SSD only, so
that even if the drive is stolen, there is no way to hack the key, let alone access the drive.
Furthermore, with optional OPAL 2.0 features harnessed with an enhanced authorization key and
encryption key authentication and verification process, when a drive is removed from its designated
host computer, the drive will not be recognized and cannot be accessed by another computer even if
a user has the correct authorization key.
Product Availability
Foremay's SED SSD drives are in production now, offered through selected product models from its
SC199, EC188, TC166 and OC177 product families. For more features and other information about
Foremay's SED SSD product offerings, please contact
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Founded in the Silicon Valley in 2002, Foremay, Inc., is a leading organization dedicated to
technological innovations in rugged and secured Solid State Drives (SSDs) for highly reliable
mission-critical computing, industrial computing, and rugged servers. Foremay is headquartered in
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