hahne® AMP50
The hahne® AMP50 is an electrical diaphragm device
with a working pressure of up to 240 bar.
The hahne® AMP50 is powerful and low on maintenance and noise. Thanks to the single-phase power
supply, it can be used at any construction site without
additional compressed air. Depending on the accessories, it can be used as an HP injection device, as a
flooding device or for AIRLESS spraying. Thanks to the
carriage, the hahne AMP 50 is easy to transport and
suitable for portable use in renovation and repair works.
230 Volt/ 50 H
Mains cable
Motor rating
1.5 KW
Working pressure:
0 - 240 bar
Discharge quantity
4.5 l/min.
Delivery range, max.
40 m
Connecting thread
16 x 1.5
Max. nozzle size
Manometer valve for continuously variable pressure
The hahne® AMP50 is used for injection and pressing
work as well as for AIRLESS sprayable materials.
Areas of application:
PU- and EP injection resins (1K + 2K)
Interior dispersion paints
Horizontal damp courses
Important notes
When you use an AIRLESS device the first time, we
recommend a trial run with hydraulic oil or with the basic
component of the resin (without the hardener) to get
familiar with the machine.
Before starting up, please briefly flush the machine with
a thinner or a prescribed cleaning agent.
Never use water.
The material being sprayed reacts with the water
(e.g. polyurethane resin) and damages the
Never let the pump run empty.
Ensure that no impurities enter the machine; this
will increase its service life.
The machine is to be installed so that it is stable
and horizontal and protected from objects that
might fall on it.
The protective contact must be secured with a fuse
of at least 16 A.
hahne® AMP50
AIRLESS Diaphragm Pump
hahne® AMP50
Bringing into service
Removal from service
Set up the hahne AMP50 horizontally and in a
stable manner.
2. Remove the closer cap of the intake pipe.
3. Check the hydraulic oil level.
4. Place the upper container on the intake pipe and
screw it firmly.
5. Screw the return hose onto the return spout.
6. Press the valve tappet (swabs) briefly downwards
several times.
7. Screw on the pressure hose on the pressure spout.
8. Fit the spray gun at the free end of the pressure
9. Depending on the material to be sprayed, fill
solvent or the corresponding material in the upper
10. All the valves on the AIRLESS device must be
11. Connect the machine to a 230V/ 50 Hz protective
contact socket.
12. Put on the switch.
13. Open the relief tap.
14. Set the pressure regulator to the left for low pressure.
15. Let the machine run at no load (empty) for about 5
16. Fill material in the upper container.
17. Set the pressure regulator to the right to maximum.
The material is circulated via the return line.
18. Set the pressure regulator to the left to minimum.
19. Close the relief tap.
20. Actuate the spray gun with the lever and at the
same time, slowly turn the pressure regulator to
the right to maximum.
21. Actuate the pressure regulator till the necessary
pressure has been built up.
The spraying pressure that has been set can be read
out on the manometer.
The electric AIRLESS device is now ready for use.
Open the relief valve.
Open the pressure regulator by turning it to the left.
Switch off the device with the on/off switch.
Operate the lever of the spray gun and spray the
residual material out of the machine. When doing
so, turn the pressure regulator to the right till such
time as the material to be sprayed gets discharged
from the spray gun.
Fill the upper container with a suitable cleaning
Do not spray back into the upper container with
high pressure.
Switch on the machine with the on/off switch and
operate it in circulation mode for 5 -10 minutes.
Close the relief tap and spray the solvent into a
separate container.
Dismantle the pressure pipe and the spray gun and
clean thoroughly.
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This information is based on extensive tests
and practical experience. However, it cannot be
applied to every type of application. If in doubt,
we recommend that you test the product before
using it. Due to continuous product improvement,
this information is subject to change without
notice. Our General Terms and Conditions apply.
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