X300 - High-Performance
Hard Drive
High performance,
premium storage
Toshiba’s X300 3.5” internal hard drive is designed for your professional or gaming PC – delivering reliable, large capacity, incredibly
high performance storage that’s ideal for PC gamers, graphic
designers, and other users with high demanding requirements.
Dual-stage actuator design improves positional accuracy throughout reading and writing to reduce the interruptions caused by
vibrations, while Perpendicular Magnetic Recording and Tunnel
Magneto-Resistive technologies ensure stable recording that
makes the most of your hard drive space. Not only do the X300’s
features support easy reading and writing, but they promote safe
storage with a ramp loading design that prevents damage on the
move, as well as shock resistance that will cut the power in the
event of physical stress to the hard drive or desktop system, keeping your stored media secure and intact. Available in capacities
capacities of up to 8 TB, the X300 puts the renowned power and
reliability of Toshiba technology to work in your desktop PC.
Target devices:
Powerful desktop workstations, All-in-one PCs, Gaming
computers, Home media computers
Target applications: High performance tasks – from editing photos and
videos, to enjoying graphics-intensive gaming
Premium storage
For when you need
more, the X300
delivers. Available in
storage capacities of
up to 8 TB, the X300
is able to meet your
every requirement.
alongside reliability
The dual-stage actuator
improves positional
accuracy, negating the
effects on head-track
alignment that
vibrations can cause.
Optimization of
cache allocation
during reading and
writing for improved
performance in
real-time domains.
X300 - High-Performance
Hard Drive
Part number:
Form factor:
X300 - High-Performance Hard Drive, 8 TB:
HDWF180EZSTA (Retail)
X300 - High-Performance Hard Drive, 6 TB:
HDWE160EZSTA (Retail)
X300 - High-Performance Hard Drive, 5 TB:
HDWE150EZSTA (Retail)
X300 - High-Performance Hard Drive, 4 TB:
HDWE140EZSTA (Retail)
SATA 6.0 Gbit/s
Available capacities:
8 TB, 6 TB, 5 TB, 4 TB
Advanced Format (AF):
RoHS compatible:
Halogen Free:
Rotational speed:
7200 rpm
Buffer size:
128 MB
Average latency:
4.17 ms
Native Command Queing (NCQ): supported
Unrecoverable error rate:
1 per 10E14 bits read
Power Management
Supply voltage:
5VDC (±5 %) / 12VDC (±5 %)
Consumption - Read/Write:
11.3 W typ.
Consumption - Low Power Idle:
6.0 W typ.
Top features:
•• Enhanced real-time performance
•• High anti-oscillation performance
•• Curbed system induced vibration
•• Data protection technology
•• High storage density and capacity
•• Large buffer: 128 MB
Temperature (operating):
5 to 55 °C
Temperature (non-operating):
-40 to 70 °C
Vibration (operating):
7.35 m/s2 {0.75 G} (5 to 300 Hz)
2.45 m/s2 {0.25 G} (300 to 500 Hz)
49 m/s2 {5 G} (5 to 500 Hz)
Vibration (non-operating):
Shock (operating):
686 m/s2 {70 G} (2 ms half sine)
Shock (non-operating):
2,940 m/s2 {300 G} (2 ms half sine)
Acoustics (idle mode):
31 dB typ. (4 TB, 5 TB), 34 dB typ. (6 TB, 8 TB)
Retail packaging
147 (L) x 101.6 (W) x 26.1 (H) mm
720 g (4 TB, 5 TB), 770 g (6 TB, 8 TB)
Box Content
• 3.5-inch internal HDD - X300 High-Performance Hard Drive
• Quick Start Guide
• Warranty Leaflet
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