G-COAT 401
The patented G-COAT 401 provides a
coating trough with various radii and a
unique exchangeable edge
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G-COAT 401
Coating trough MODULAR Pat. no.0794461
Particular characteristics
■ The requirements to be answered by modern
printing forms are getting more stringent by the
day. Until recently, high-quality printing screens
could only be achieved by using expensive capillary films. Also, state-of-the-art exposure systems
demand a highly uniform coat thickness without
which an efficient production would be impossible.
■ For the above-mentioned reasons, and based on
our many years of experience in the field of coating technology, we have developed the completely new G-COAT 401 trough generation.
■ The coating troughs can be used not only as
manual coating troughs but also on all Grünig
automatic coating machines.
■ The concept is based on a modular system made
up of several individual elements which can be
combined according to the respective requirements and applications.
The following individual components are
Base profile
■ The max. length of the base profile made of anodized aluminium is 7100 mm.
Coating edge
■ You have the free choice of several MULTI-RADIUS aluminium coating edges (the available radii
are 0,25/0,50/0,75 and 1,00mm) which allow easy
confectioning as they can simply be pushed onto
the base profile. This precise radius gradation
allows an extremely precise control of the coating
layer build-up, while at the same time reducing the
coating time and allowing to realize any required
copying layer. The quality with regard to the
tolerances of the layer thickness and the surface
roughness can thus be controlled with great precision, which enables the user not only to reduce
his manufacturing costs but also to guarantee an
efficient manufacturing process.
Type 1:
Type 2:
Coating edge with 2 radii
r = 0,25 / 0,75 mm
Coating edge with 2 radii
r = 0,50 / 1,00 mm
■ The max. length of the coating edges made of
anodized aluminium is 7100 mm.
■ If spare coating edges are ordered together with
the G-401 trough, they can be replaced at a later
Dust protection cover
■ The standard version of all the coating troughs
with a max. length of 2000 mm includes a hingetype dust protection cover TOP-COVER.
Base profile
Coating edge
Dust cover
Aluminium profile EX-043
Aluminium profile EX-050
Aluminium profile EX-043
Trough radius
Coating edge
Type 1:
Type 2:
Surface treatment
natural anodized
natural anodized
natural anodized
Base profile
Coating edge
Dust cover
0,25 / 0,75 mm
0,50 / 1,00 mm
Straightness of the base profile
straightened 0,4 mm/m
Trough contents
Volumetric capacity
1,2 lt/m
Trough end piece
End piece red
End piece black
Squeegee side
Print side
When ordering, please specify the maximum trough width;
The reference values are the following:
Screen frame size up to 2060 mm
Inner frame size - 60 mm = red trough (squeegee side RS)
Inner frame size - 85 mm = black trough (print side DS)
Screen frame size up to 7100 mm
Inner frame size - 100 mm = red trough (squeegee side RS)
Inner frame size - 150 mm = black trough (print side DS)
0.5“-1“ / 12.5-25mm
0.5“-1“ / 12.5-25mm
Back side = Black
Front side = Red
Inside measurements of screen frames
The machine is in compliance with the EU machinery
directives (CE conformity)
Technical changes are reserved
November 14
All measures in mm