Soldering and Rework Station

Soldering and Rework Station
• The D00671 soldering and rework station is a high-performance
and multi-function station, suitable for lead-free applications
• It can be used for soldering and desoldering all types of surface
mounted IC's and prevents any damage to the PCB or
• The temperature sensor on the top of the tips can check the tip
temperature quickly and decreases the possibility of the tip
temperature falling off
• Contents of station: power unit, soldering iron (with conical tip),
hot air tool, ZD-10 K stand with sponge, 4 hot air nozzles, user
• Hot air nozzles included with ZD-912
Dimension : Millimetres
Technology Specification
Supply Voltage
230 V (220 to 240 V)
60 W Soldering Iron
320 W Hot Air SMD Rework
Temperature Range
160°C to 480°C
Heating Element
Ceramic Heater
Part Number Table
Soldering / Rework Station, UK / EU Plug
Part Number
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